State of the art video equipment provides you unparalleled protection. Mesa Alarm Systems feature the most advanced video systems available.


There are various black and white or color cameras to choose from. They perform various kinds of surveillance. Black and white cameras usually provide better images out of doors while color units are usually preferred for indoor use. Some cameras provide digital images to record or monitor at the site, while others send the information to a remote monitoring station inside the building, or they may be relayed to the central monitoring station. Still other cameras can monitor or record using time-lapse imaging.

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Video Cameras

These cameras take the analog signal and convert it to digital to adjust specific parameters in the video signal. Digital control offers crisp lines, detail reproduction an assures that functions are unaffected by by time and temperature. Selectable backlight compensation permits the camera to generate correctly exposed images in a variety of difficult lighting situations.


These systems are designed with the camera situated inside a domed enclosure. It protects a camera from the environment if sited at an outdoor location. In addition, no one can see inside the enclosure to see where the camera is facing.

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Dome Camera

These cameras can be as small as 5 inches in profile. The include self-learning continuous tours of unlimited time and flash memory for future upgrades. A real-time clock for event scheduling is also available. Choose 23x day/night or 22x high-sensitivity color or monochrome.


These units can save cost, space and manpower. The Multiplexer allows multiple cameras to feed digital imaging onto a single time-lapse recorder, taking images from up to 16 cameras and putting them all on one screen. If a person monitoring the screen sees a suspicious area and wants a closer look, one of the images can be transferred to another, single screen for closer inspection of the area under surveillance. The system is easier to maintain, using fewer VCR tapes, and can allow images from 32 up to 64 cameras.

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Both color and monochrome simplex multiplexers are available. This equipment is designed for easy installation and operation in a variety of small, medium and large applications. Choose a color model in a 4-, 9- or 16-camera configuration, or monochrome models in 4- and 16-cameras.


These devices record video images from cameras. Units differ in the length of time they can record. The basic recorder can record tapes from 2 hours up to 8-12 hours. Typical commercial recorders can record from 24 hours up to 960 hours on a single tape. These units assist in identifying individuals involved in a robbery, often by recording a specific individual “casing” a given location hours or even days before he or she returns to rob the premises. The recorders are also used in providing a taped image of a person who might later file an accident claim, showing clearly how an accident did (or in some cases, did not) take place.


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Pan and Tilt

Remotely control your cameras with these moveable drives. Optional control includes autopan in a variety of degrees.


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Digital Control

This equipment provides control and management of a camera system. However, the equipment is varied and several systems are available. Specific applications need to be considered and discussed before final selection is made. These systems replace the use of a bank of cameras on view on one wall, and can be viewed at local or remote sites. The cameras are used for quality control, safety and medical issues, and are often used at airports, large warehouses, and casinos or on production lines.