Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are vital to maintaining a safe and secure work environment. They are the eyes and ears of your business while you are at work, home, or halfway around the world. It’s your reassurance that your property is well-protected while you take care of business. Whether you need cameras for indoors, outdoors, dark areas, or anywhere in between, have peace of mind our advanced surveillance systems can capture your day-to-day operation. At Mesa Alarm Systems, a Houston security camera company, you’ll speak with industry experts who will work with you every step of the way to design a system that meets and exceeds your commercial security needs.


The consultation process for commercial security cameras is highly personalized. Before we begin drafting plans, we first want to understand your security needs and discover the goals that must be achieved. All security cameras have a purpose, and there is a wide range of camera types, all of which can be used in specific ways to meet your personal and professional goals. Need a camera that’s perfect for indoor use? Outdoors? Perhaps one that is made to see clearly at night? You can even opt for a camera that’s designed to see license plates clearly. No matter your specific needs, Mesa Alarm Systems has the advanced hardware and industry expertise to fulfill your security necessities. Once we define your security goals, we will begin designing a system that’s customized to your business. Your objectives will affect the type of cameras, the placement of them, as well as their lenses and angles to ensure you’re able to clearly see what matters most. After you approve the proposed plans, we’ll begin the installation process.


Avert Crime

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a surveillance system is its ability to ward off criminals. Security cameras send a clear message to robbers that their actions will be caught on tape.

Monitor Activity

Whether you’re monitoring potential burglars or your own employees, security cameras give you the power to oversee your enterprise from any angle you wish. Nothing will go unnoticed if you have the proper surveillance equipment.

Store Evidence

Security cameras offer the unique ability to store evidence for future access. Whether you need to review day-to-day operations or require legal evidence, security cameras can provide the vital information you need to protect your interests.


Our team of security experts is dedicated to offering a customized experience every step of the way. In order to save you on additional costs, we can seamlessly integrate our new products with your current security system. You don’t need to start from square one to receive a quality security system. We can enhance your existing system while adhering to the city and building code specifications to provide top-of-the-line services and products.

Camera Types

IP Cameras

Short for internet protocol cameras, IP cameras allow you to send and receive vital information through the internet and/or a computer network, unlike closed-circuit television cameras.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are designed to weather the storm and withstand anything mother nature throws at them while maintaining their overall picture quality.

License Plate Cameras

License plate capture cameras have the unique ability to recognize and record license plates on stationary or moving vehicles. They utilize cutting-edge software which allows them to generate a clear image despite the speed of the automobile or other factors.


Night Vision

Available in most camera systems, night vision allows cameras to record in low-light conditions, which can give business owners the ability to surveillance their property overnight.


Security cameras that utilize megapixel technology are able to record in a much higher image resolution compared to other cameras. This provides clearer picture quality and the ability to effectively oversee your property.

Data Storage

This essential feature allows you to record footage onto a storage medium in mass quantities for later viewings.


To ensure an efficient installation process, we will work closely with your team without disturbing your day-to-day business routine. This involves a degree of coordination and will help streamline our efforts. With a schedule in place, we’ll begin to properly install your cameras while adhering to the specifications outlined during the consultation. Once the cameras are properly set up, our security experts will initiate the programming process with your IT department to set up permission levels and further meet your business’ security goals. Customized viewing may also be programmed at this time since some personnel require exclusive access to select surveillance channels while others do not. To maximize the effectiveness of your cameras, we will then have your team review the system to make adjustments to the programming or the cameras themselves. Afterward we will guide them through how to operate the surveillance system, making sure they thoroughly understand its features before we leave the premises.

Protect your employees, protect your assets, protect your business. This is the foundation of a thriving enterprise. If you’re looking for the best security cameras Houston has to offer, you won’t find anything better than Mesa Alarm Systems. Since 1990, we’ve served Houston and its surrounding areas and we look forward to protecting your commercial property with state-of-the-art surveillance systems.