Welcome to the future of fire detection systems. Mesa Alarm Systems features the industry’s best suite of fire protection products. Specifically designed to detect a fire in its early stages to allow the maximum amount of time to evacuate and initiate Fire Department response automatically. You can also protect your family and assets even more with our home alarm monitoring services.


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Fire Alarm Control Panels

Based on a proven reputation of the most powerful addressable fire alarm systems, these control panels provide a full range of features and flexibility. Up to 234 zones can be programmed for a variety of fire protection applications. These panels can support 200 user codes with nine levels of authority. These panels have many false alarm prevention features as well.


This device provides early warning of a fire condition in the home. This is important to ward off the hazard of smoke inhalation. Smoke detectors are required in all bedrooms and each floor in new house construction. Mesa can design a comprehensive fire protection system to provide the earliest possible warning of fire.

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Smoke Detectors

These smoke detectors feature self diagnostics and are a logical extension to your home security system. A built-in heat detector can detect a fast developing fire and a local sounder warns occupants. The smoke detector sends a message to the control panel and the local fire department is notified.


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Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are typically used in areas not suitable for smoke detectors due to the presence of combustion by-products found in areas like kitchens or in areas that are dusty or not air conditioned such as attics or utility rooms. Heat detectors look for a fixed temperature above the rated temperature or a rapid increase over a short period of time.