Items to Consider when Buying a Smart-Energy Thermostat

Smart technology is slowly becoming a household find; in the age of modern household technology and wanting to save time and energy; you should invest in reliable thermostat systems to help you and your family. There are many different attributes about products that you need to consider when buying smart-energy thermostats. Products now rely on trying to make our daily lives much more straightforward, as well as being beneficial to have everything right at our fingertips via phones or laptops. There are always multiple items you need to consider the type of system before having it installed in your home, as well as understanding the kind as well. 

With the progression of new technology with either new updates or new useful devices, it is best to hire a trained professional to set up for you and go over the smart-energy saving system. Here are some items to consider when you are looking into buying a smart-energy thermostat system for your home.  

Why A Smart Thermostat? | Mesa Alarm

Why a Smart Thermostat?

At your fingertips via smart devices, you will be able to adjust the temperature (either hot or cold) in your home due to an addition of a smart-energy thermostat. The thermostat uses a Wi-Fi connection to manage your homes’ heating and cooling and allows you to adjust the temperature. These thermostats learn your personal and your family’s preferences while being programmed; it will know when people are in the house or away from home and will adjust accordingly. The thermostats also take in the factors of local temperature and the weather outside as well when it comes to heating/cooling the home. 

Smart Thermostat | Mesa Alarm

Smart-Energy Thermostat Saving Money?

Smart-Energy thermostats help you save money by lowering and have the temperature as low as possible. This feature will allow the thermostat to regulate and know what temperatures you think are comfortable when you are home and goes on a “saving” mode when you are away. Thus, helping you save money due to being able to adjust the temperature depending on your schedule. However, depending on how much money you will be collecting will depend on how large the rooms are and dependent on if you are a cold/hot person. Not every home will be the same when it comes to saving money with these thermostats. However, if you want to save effectively, you will need to be aware of the temperature you want in your household. 

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What to Look for in a Smart Thermostat?

  • Style: Looks are everything when one is buying for household appliances or decor. Depending on your style, you could go for a “sleek modern” thermostat in your home to fit in with the rest of your applications. If you are a “tech junkie,” you might look and purchase the newest and latest thermostats for your home. Also, the possibilities of smart thermostats are vast, so if you already have a specific brand in mind. 


  • Compatibility with HVAC System: A significant factor that you should look in before purchasing your thermostat would be if the type of brand would work with your current HVAC system. You need to establish first if your heating system is either a furnace or a heating pump, depending most thermostats work with both but always come knowledgeable while looking into systems. Another part of the HVAC system will be finding out if you have a C-wire for the new system. Also, understanding if it will be compatible with the type of voltage in your home. 

Cost and Installation? 

While these thermostats are more on the expensive side due to the type or model of the device, they ultimately help you save money in the long haul. With these devices, it is best to hire a trained professional to set up the system in your home and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding the smart-energy thermostat. They will also help recommend the perfect model for your household.

At Mesa Alarm Systems, our team of security professionals is capable of providing your family with the expertise and technology you need to consider when buying a smart-energy thermostat for your home. Don’t second guess the safety of your family; call (281) 694-4313 to talk to a Mesa representative today!