The Benefits of an Integrated Security System

If you own a business, an integrated security system is perhaps your best defense against burglars, intruders, and fires. No matter the size of your property, have confidence an advanced security system will alert you and your employees when it matters most. Centralized for efficiency and convenience, an integrated security system is designed to protect your business in the easiest way possible—all from the touch of a keypad or smartphone. To understand these innovative systems further, we’re going to explore what makes them unique and the benefits they can offer your business.

What is an integrated security system?

Simply put, an integrated security system is a network of individual security components that are connected and controlled by a central hub. Burglar alarms, access control, fire alarms, surveillance systems, and much more can be managed and monitored through designated keypads or—in some cases—a smartphone app. For more advanced systems, you can even control lights, locks, and air temperature with the touch of a button. Integrated security systems are perfect for businesses and large properties. They allow select administrators to monitor their building with ease. Furthermore, they’ll be able to ensure every entry is accounted for—not just the front door—and provide the tools they need to quickly contact local officials if needed.

The Benefits

They’re Efficient

When it comes to the security of your employees, efficiency is a must. Integrated security systems not only provide convenience, they are the best way to control multiple systems at once. Imagine overseeing a large complex with numerous security systems. Each with a different interface, the separate keypads would be difficult to navigate or even locate during an emergency. Integrated security solutions provide one intuitive interface that makes it easy to arm or disarm all or select security systems.

They’re Effective

Due to their consolidated features, integrated security systems are highly effective and can make risk management easier than ever. If you have a large business to protect, there’s a lot to keep up with. Each entry and window needs to be armed and monitored with recessed or surface contact devices. A wireless security system will sound immediately once an alarm is triggered. With one touch of your keypad or smartphone, you can confirm that it’s false or real. Once done, the local officials will be automatically contacted in seconds. Without a doubt, integrated security solutions are the most effective and innovative way to protect your employees and assets.

They Can Save You Money

Aside from providing advanced security solutions, an integrated security system can save you money on your electric bill. Many of these systems can be linked to your lights and/or air condition system. Heading home from work and forgot to turn off the lights and A/C? Simply switch them off or make adjustments with an advanced smartphone app. You can even set schedules for them on the same interface, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—your business and employees. Indeed, these features are perfect for business owners looking to save money and have peace of mind.


No matter the size of your business, Mesa Alarm Systems, a Houston-based company, can fulfill all of your security needs. All of the benefits listed above are provided with our integrated security systems and allow to arm, disarm, and monitor with ease. If you’re looking to get serious about your security, visit us online or call (281) 694-4313 today to learn more about our superior products and services.