Business Alarm System

At Mesa Alarm Systems, we have one primary objective: keep your business safe. With 25 plus years under our belt, we have the advanced technology and security expertise needed to achieve it. Our business alarm systems are unique since we’re capable of integrating all of your security needs into one failsafe system. Highly customizable and dependable, there’s no better way to keep your customers, employees, and property safe.

How It Works

Our commercial alarm systems provide seemingly endless options for customization. Burglar alarms, access control, and fire alarms can all be controlled by the same panel. This saves you money on equipment, additional costs, and the general headache of managing multiple systems separately. Our security technicians will work with you to create an alarm system that specifically caters to your business—a unique solution that’s capable of adapting to your property and providing unparalleled protection when you need it most. Each of our hybrid control panels is adaptable to hardwire and wireless devices, and are capable of controlling over 550 zones with expanders. This allows you to easily control your security systems from one central location. For additional security, we also provide monitoring services. Whether it’s day or night, have peace of mind your business is overseen by security professionals.



Integrated Alarms

In order to maximize security and overall efficiency, our fire alarms, access control, and burglar alarms can all be integrated into one multi-functional system.

Traditional or Smartphone Control

Our advanced alarms systems allow you to arm and disarm your system from the touch of our smartphone app or directly on the touchscreen panel.

False Alarm Features

For further convenience, each of our state-of-the-art alarm systems comes with features to quickly turn off false alarms, if the need arises.

Integrate Other Systems

Our commercial alarms are able to integrate with your HVAC system and lights, allowing you to monitor and adjust from your smartphone or keypad.


Protect Employees

Our security systems and monitoring services allow you to control access to your business, surveillance your property, and provide increased evacuation time in case of a fire.

Prevent Loss

Advanced alarm systems can protect your employees and commercial property from harm and potentially prevent future losses to your business.


Mesa commercial alarm systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with your day-to-day operations, allowing you to manage your essential security features with ease.

Peace of Mind

No matter your whereabouts, have peace of mind your property is armed with some of the best security systems in the industry.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Our team of security experts is dedicated to offering a customized experience every step of the way. In order to save you on additional costs, we can seamlessly integrate our new products with your current security system. You don’t need to start from square one to receive a quality security system. We can enhance your existing system while adhering to the city and building code specifications to provide top-of-the-line services and products.

The Mesa Advantage

Mesa Alarm Systems has been providing Houston businesses with top-of-the-line security products and services since 1990. That’s over 25 years of serving this wonderful city and its surrounding areas—25 plus years of protecting Houston businesses. No one knows Houston like Mesa, and each year we strive to seek out innovative solutions and deliver fully customizable security alarms to keep our city safe. Indeed, we have the experience and technology to effectively secure your commercial property. Don’t settle for less. Seek out the best commercial alarm systems Houston has to offer.