Business Access Control

The doors to your business are your front lines against unwanted visitors. By controlling access to your commercial property, you’ll be able to increase your overall security and ensure you’re able to grant and restrict entry when and where it matters most. From permits to installation, your team of security experts will guide you through the process of developing a custom access control system for your business. Don’t second guess the security of your employees—choose Mesa Alarm Systems for all your business access control needs.

Customized Solutions

Our industry professionals will work with you every step of the way to design a customized system based on your specific needs. From gathering permits to an efficient installation process, we are determined to fortify your business. Our access control systems can eliminate the need to change keys and locks and secure your business by connecting to a remotely located central monitoring station. Employee access can be quickly granted or denied. Anyone attempting unauthorized access to a building can be instantly identified, reported to the system, and denied access.


Our team of security experts is dedicated to offering a customized experience every step of the way. In order to save you on additional costs, we can seamlessly integrate our new products with your current security system. You don’t need to start from square one to receive a quality security system. We can enhance your existing system while adhering to the city and building code specifications to provide top-of-the-line services and products.


Card Reader

Simple and secure, these versatile readers allow you and your employees to tap or swipe to enter your business with ease. In addition, our card readers are unaffected by rugged temperatures, radio frequency interference, or magnetic fields.

Biometric Reader

Biometric readers include a wide range of security solutions that require a specific part of the body to be scanned. From fingerprint scanning to facial recognition, have peace of mind that the key to your commercial property is as unique as you.


Each keypad can be programmed with customizable numbers, allowing you and your employees to enter areas of your business with ease while restricting access to others.

The Mesa Advantage

Mesa Alarm Systems has a long history of providing Houston businesses with top-of-the-line access control systems. Since 1990, we’ve been committed to Houston and its surrounding areas, and we make genuine efforts to provide outstanding service and advanced technology for your security needs. Through every step of the way—from consultation to design to installation to continued service, our team is dedicated to keeping you and your business safe from harm.