Access Control for Office Buildings

For business and commercial property owners, a security system is more necessity than luxury. And while some businesses still use a traditional lock and key system for granting access to their employees, an access control system is a much more customizable and secure option. With electronic access control, businesses can even monitor and control exactly who has access to certain areas in the building. If you would like to learn more about how access control for office buildings can make life easier for you and your employees, keep reading!

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What is Building Access Control? 

Building access control is an electronic alternative to physical security measures, like locks and keys, that grant specific personnel access to restricted areas like offices, storage rooms, elevators, or parking garages using keypads, a control panel, key card readers, or biometric scanners. Whether you are securing confidential information, your employees, or expensive equipment, an access control system might be right for you.  

What are the Different Types of Access Control? 

There are three main ways to manage access on a control system: 

Role-based access control

    • In a role-based access control system, seniority dictates access. Users with the same role or job description are granted equal access. On a college campus, faculty and staff have access to administrative buildings, while students only have access to common areas and academic buildings. If you own a store, the manager might have access to the stockroom, whereas cashiers can only access the break room. Similarly, doctors in a hospital can access medication, while administrative workers cannot.  

Discretionary access control

    • A discretionary access control system allows the business owner or property manager to establish who has access to each entry and exit point. Each card reader has a list of authorized users that is established by the business owner. 

Mandatory access control 

    • Mandatory access control is the most restrictive of all access control systems, utilizing software that restricts access completely with no exceptions or easy bypassing. This type of system works well for larger organizations where the security administrator determines access rules and regulations. A mandatory access control system might include several access control types, with access card readers for basic access to common areas and specialized keypads for more specific access needs. 

No More Traditional Keys

Benefits of Commercial Access Control 

Whether you have a large business with lots of access points or a small business with only a few employees, there are many benefits of a commercial access control security system: 

Ease of Employee Access

    • Because you can simply set your access control systems and forget about them, you can focus on other aspects of your business. As long as your employees keep hold of their keycard or memorize their keycard number, they’ll be able to access everything that they need to do their job without your interference. 

No More Traditional Keys

    • Traditional keys are easy to lose, and they can really weigh down your key fob if you have a large business to secure. Spare your employees the confusion of distinguishing which key does what and save yourself money by not having to call the locksmith when you upgrade to an access control system. 

Save Money and Energy 

    • An access control system not only saves you money by not having to create new keys or call in a locksmith, but you can also save money on personnel. If your entry points are secured with access control, you won’t have to worry about hiring multiple security guards. 

Prevent Unwanted Visitors and Break-ins 

    • Nothing threatens the security of commercial properties like unsolicited visitors. If you are looking to protect your assets and employees, access security provides more assurance than an easily-bypassed key lock. Stop unauthorized visitors and ensure that everyone in your business is supposed to be there. 


    • If you have employees that work at different times throughout the day or offer a flexible schedule to your employees, an access control system allows them to enter the building they need to without waiting for someone to unlock the door. Should an employee need to come in early to get work done or leave late, you’ll be able to check their comings and goings with a mobile app without being there yourself.   

Secure Work Environment

    • Show your employees that they matter to you by providing a safe and secure work environment. With increasingly troubling stories in the news about break-ins and shootings, it can be nerve-wracking to go to work. With an access control system, your employees will have better peace of mind knowing that they are safe on your property. 

Multiple-building Access

    • If you are looking to secure a large, multi-building business or college campus, a multiple building access control is the perfect solution. You or your security team can impose access rules for every building in the system and not have to worry. 

Which Type of Access Control System Is Best For You?

Depending on the size and needs of your business, you might benefit from a specific type of door access control. For example, a smaller business might only need a discretionary access control system, while a business with many employees and diverse job descriptions would benefit better from a role-based system. If you want to learn more about how an access control system can be customized for the needs of your business, contact Mesa Alarms today.  

How Can Access Control Raise the Value of Your Commercial Property?  

Securing your commercial property is just as important as managing revenue. Not only can poor security negatively impact your bottom line, but it can also potentially put your employees and customers at risk. At Mesa Alarms, we shoulder the responsibility of making sure Houston business owners have the tools they need to keep their business safe. With 24/7 monitoring, fire alarms, video surveillance, and more, we work hard to make sure that your business has a customized security system. To get a consultation and estimate for access control for office buildings, contact us today! 

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