Are Wireless Security Systems Reliable?

These days, it’s absolutely necessary to implement some kind of security system for your properties. But when it comes to home and business security systems, there are so many different options that it can be difficult to pinpoint the best choice for your specific needs. Wireless systems are increasing in popularity thanks to their ease of installation, but customers wonder: are wireless security systems reliable in comparison to their wired counterparts? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about selecting a wireless security system. 


What is a Wired System?

Wired systems use wires running throughout your home—specifically your phone line—to relay information back to the central control panel and, when necessary, the monitoring system of your security company. These systems, while effective, are sometimes a hassle to install in your home and less flexible when it comes to placement and relocation. 


What is a Wireless Security System?

Wireless security systems are the newest development in security equipment, using WiFi and radio signal technology instead of wires. You receive all the benefits of a wired system without the need for a landline or making changes to the existing hardware of your home. 


Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems 

For most property owners, the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a security system is reliability.  And while it’s essential for any security system to be reliable, there are other elements to consider before making your decision. There are plenty of pros and cons for both wired and wireless systems. 


Benefits of a Wired System: 

Because the system works primarily through phone lines, a wired system is perfect for someone that already has the necessary hardware in their home or commercial property. This reliable security option can easily secure a large building or property without the risk of a weak signal. You’ll also have few occurrences of a false alarm with a wired system. The downside of a wired system is that, if you move frequently, you won’t have the flexibility to transfer your system to your new home. Additionally, you’ll have to have a technician install the necessary wires if your home does not already have a preexisting system or landline. 

monitoring a home using a wireless camera system accessible through a mobile phone

Benefits of a Wireless Alarm System:

If you’re someone that frequently moves or would like to easily move the elements of your home security system, a wireless system might be right for you. And although wireless systems are easy to install, they are more difficult to disable than wired systems, and are renter friendly. You’ll also have limitless options for connecting your system to wireless devices and smart home appliances like cell phones, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Wireless systems are also excellent options for apartments or otherwise rented properties, because there’s no need for drilling holes or making other, more permanent modifications. In that same vein, they are great options for historic homes or buildings with interior brick, stone, or marble. The biggest downside is that, because wireless systems run on batteries, you’ll need to check them regularly to make sure everything is working properly. Conversely, battery-operated sensors are great assets if your area is prone to power outages. 


Are Hardwired Systems Better Than Wireless?

Although hardwired systems aren’t necessarily better or worse than a wireless security system, the decision should be made based on what you need from a security system, as well as the capabilities of your property. If your home doesn’t have a landline or security system pre-installed, it may be in your best interest to get a wireless system. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a technician to handle the potentially lengthy, installation process. A wireless system might also be preferable if you foresee a move in near future or think your security needs may evolve. Because wireless systems are so easily installed and transferred, they are excellent choices for someone who moves frequently or likes to change the location of their cameras periodically. 


A wired system could be the best choice for you if you have a larger home or business. Some wireless systems have poor signal strength when the network is spread over a larger square footage. And if you think that you’ll be staying in your home or commercial property for the foreseeable future, it won’t be inconvenient to install a wired system. 


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