How to Maximize Home Invasion Prevention Products

Forbes gathered some surprising information about home burglaries—over one million burglaries occur in the U.S. every year; 75% of homeowners don’t have a home security system installed, and 51% of home burglaries are repeated within six weeks. Protecting your home is all about taking precautions and using the resources you have available. 

Mesa Alarms Systems has over 27 years of experience in the home security industry, and here is everything you need to know about how to maximize the performance of your home invasion prevention products, as well as tips to protect your home without technology.

Maximizing Your Security System

The first step you can take to protect your home is to examine its perimeter for blind spots, such as easy-access points, low windows, unlocked doors, or high shrubs that a burglar could use to their advantage. 

Outdoor security cameras are a good tool for covering these blind spots and can deter burglars. Video recordings can help by catching burglars in the act, allowing them to be quickly identified, and convicted faster. Getting cameras with night vision is also highly recommended. 

A smart doorbell camera is an effective tool for keeping track of activity in front of your house. Many start recording with motion sensors, and this feature allows you to see activity at your door and even in your front lawn. These cameras typically connect to an app for you to store recordings, and some even have facial recognition for your frequent guests. 

Smart locks are another great innovation in home invasion prevention products. You can conveniently ensure your doors are locked, and these locks are often paired with an alarm system in the event of a break-in. 

Keeping the outside of your home well-lit makes it easier for burglars to be spotted, whether that’s by your cameras or by neighbors. Outdoor lighting with motion sensors turn on a bright light, which can make burglars think twice about going through with a break in.  

Lastly, of course, having an alarm system installed is a must when it comes to protecting your home. A good security system will provide you with security cameras, recording storage, monitoring systems for windows and doors, security lights, a security sign, and emergency service call-outs.

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Tips for Home Invasion Prevention

Look into your windows from the outside. If you see valuable technology, such as your television and stereo system, it’s time to put up blinds or curtains to obstruct the view. You can also store your more expensive items in a safe, out-of-sight spot or a lock box. Burglars are also deterred by windows and doors that are covered since it makes it more difficult to plan entry into the home. 

As far as expensive outdoor items—grills, bicycles, power tools, etc.—store them in your garage or shed. No matter which you use, lock it up while you are away. 

As mentioned earlier, keeping lights on around your home can be a burglar deterrent, and you can achieve this by leaving the front, side, and back door lights on during the night. 

If you’re willing to put in the time, you can also get a guard dog. Training them to correctly ward off intruders and not household members or your guests will take time, but the end result and feeling of security can be rewarding. Larger dogs are more threatening than lap dogs, but any dog barking at intruders will cause quite a commotion. You can also put a “Beware of Dog” sign up, but we wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t have a dog. Burglars often scope out their hits beforehand, and if they find out you don’t have a dog, it will undermine your security efforts. 

Structuring your shrubbery and fences can also provide added security, making it more difficult to access your property and obstructing the view into your home. However, these shrubs would need to be tall so that the average athletic person couldn’t climb them. Keep in mind that not having open spaces means that burglars can also hide better. 

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Customized Solutions for Home Invasion Prevention 

If protecting your home is a priority, consider investing in a security system, or you can opt to use preventatives that do not rely on home invasion prevention products. Every home is different, so there is no one-size fits all solution. However, Mesa Alarm Systems are all customized to your home’s needs, and our expertise can assess what would best benefit your home. 

Our team delivers the finest surveillance and alarm systems in the Houston area. Our security experts will hear out all your concerns, and together, we will create a system that addresses all of your needs. Whether you need a camera and video surveillance system, home alarm systems, or wireless security, we have it, plus 24/7 monitoring to provide support when you need it most. 

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