Protect your home whether your at home, asleep or away. From Control Panels to Video Systems and everything in between, Mesa Alarm Systems protects your home with the most sophisticated systems and monitoring services available.


Computerized control panels and keypads give users the technology and ease of use homeowners are looking for. These products also allow residents to view all activity on a 32-character LCD screen. Interfaced with the local monitoring station, duty officers are made alert to intrusions or fire conditions. Customized integration with other home systems will allow for a greatly enhanced protection system for your family. For example, lighting or stereos speakers can be utilized to turn on lights to assist in egress of the residence, or to give vocal message alerts.

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The XR200 Command Processor Panel supports 242 burglary, fire and access zones. Up to 200 user codes with nine authority levels are also supported. Individual zones can be programmed for instant, delay, priority, fire, fire verification, fire retard, panic, presignal, fast response, cross zoning, and fire supervision.

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The XR40 Control Panel provides coverage for 42 burglary and fire zones. Up to 32 user codes with authority levels are supported. The zone monitor lets you know when doors open and close. The panel can also be remotely armed and disarmed from any telephone.

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Up to 26 burglary zones are supported by the XR20 Control Panel. Over 30 user codes with authority levels can be programmed. Remote arming and disarming can be effected from any telephone. Review up to 100 event histories on the keypad.

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The XR10 supports Home, Sleep or Away operating modes and remote program/remote access. Up to 10 burglary zones are protected. Individual zones can be programmed for instant, delay, priority, fire, fire verification, panic, swinger shunt, cross zoning and fire supervision.

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The XR6 supports 6 burglary, fire and access zones. Operating modes include Home, Sleep or Away. Up to 16 event histories can be reviewed on the keypad.

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Both the 690 and 790 keypads offer high quality, cost effective security and fire system controls with a point and press interface. Performing all system functions such as arming, disarming, bypassing zones and silencing alarms is easy with the 32-character LCD readout and large backlit function keys. Fire, Police and medical emergency buttons are included. Keypads can be customized to display your name on display screen. Specific name descriptions for particular zones can also be customized.


This device monitors the possibility of unauthorized opening of doors and windows when the security system is armed. It alerts residents that a door or window has been opened and pinpoints the exact location so appropriate action can be taken.

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The Press Fit switch is a 3/8″ dia. magnetic contact with wire leads. This contact, designed to be recessed, requires no glue or screws to mount. Heavy-duty housing resists crushing from swelling wood.


This device detects any moving heat source within the area or room it is designed to cover. The security system indicates the location of motion detected so occupants in the home know where possible entry is taking place. The central monitoring station is also alerted so steps can be taken to protect residents.

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The DT-700’s smooth-white, slim design makes it blend in with any decor. Great for false alarm immunity and quick capture, this motion detector has a range of 11 m x 12 m (35′ x 40′ feet).


If an intruder seeks to bypass magnetic switches at doors and windows by breaking glass panes in order to attain entry, these detectors monitor the sound in a room and are equipped to respond only to a digital signature of glass breakage. The security system then alerts residents that glass has been broken, and indicates the location of the intrusion. The central monitoring station is alerted at the same time.

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This Glass Break Detector detects breakage of all types of glass – plate, tempered, wired, laminated, coated, sealed-insulated. It uses digital signal processing for advanced detection and false alarm immunity. Detectors can be either surface or recessed design that can be painted to match your decor.


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Wireless Device

Wireless smoke detectors, motion detectors, door and window contacts and glass break detectors are all offered in wireless versions. Wireless devices compliment the hardwired system to obtain the exact coverage needed in locations where hardwired devices are impossible or impractical in install. Wireless arming stations can also be provided.


Mesa Alarm Systems also offers photoelectric beams, alarm screens, environmental monitoring (water bugs, humidity, temperature) alarms, and wireless panic buttons.