10 Proven Ways to Prevent Package Theft

Package theft is not just a concern during the holidays. 31% of Americans experience package theft regularly and this number is still rising. As our shopping preferences shift to the internet, our concern grows for the arrival of our items. Waiting at home all day for a package is impractical and impossible for most people. In order to prevent package theft, you must think ahead. With the following tips, you can learn how to prevent package theft.


1-Install Security Cameras: No one likes to go back and forth with USPS, FedEx, or UPS. The best option for you is to take matters into your own hands. Just because you are not home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what goes on around your home. Install security cameras, but before doing so think proactively. Where would the potential thief stand? Angling the camera based on locations where assailants are most likely to be standing will give you the best chance of capturing camera footage of their theft which you can then turn in to the police to investigate. There are many residential camera systems out there that you can control from your smartphone. They will alert you as soon as it detects an intruder. Think of them as your own personal package guard. Installing a camera may sound time consuming, but no worries, you can hire a professional.


2-Get Your Packages Delivered to Your Work: You’re at work more than you are home so this solution should be able to work if your workplace doesn’t mind the occasional package arriving every now and then. If this isn’t a good option, another way you can avoid package theft is by having your packages delivered to a friend’s home that you know will be home to receive your order. This will prevent the issue of missing packages that you constantly deal with when ordering to your home address.


3-Require a Signature from Delivery Companies: A common complaint is that packages are left in places that are easily accessible such as the front door and the front porch. Requiring a signature for delivery to be complete ensures that your package will be delivered in your hands. Without a signature, delivery cannot be completed and couriers must keep the package until a signature is possible to attain. You will feel 100% confident by choosing this method because you are also protected by the law. Delivery companies are subject to legal action if your package is not delivered by following signature protocol and you are eligible to receive a full refund and replacement.


4-Reroute or Reschedule delivery for a Future Date: If home delivery isn’t possible during the assigned delivery date, companies like UPS and FedEx give you the option to reschedule the date and/or change the delivery address. It will cost a fee and you have to make sure that you change it early enough, as there is a limited time frame to when you can arrange a rerouting. You can’t expect for a change in date if the delivery man is already at your door. It’s wise to plan ahead if possible.


5-Use a Mail Holding Service: If you know you are going to be away from home for awhile, you can place a hold on your packages. The mail service company will keep your packages and prevent them from being distributed and coming in contact with package thieves. You can contact delivery companies & the post office to set up this service.


6-Check up on your shipment confirmation: Tracking information changes daily, sometimes hourly so it’s important that you keep tabs on it. We don’t recommend to stalk it by the minute, but we do recommend to check it at least before the delivery date as it can change to an earlier date or later one, which might inconvenience you. You can also sign up for email or text alerts and modify them so that you only receive the notifications that you need such as “out for delivery” or “delivered.”


7-Give Specific Instructions to Package Delivery Services: If you know where you don’t want your package to be left, such as the front door because it’ll be in plain sight, you can add a note by using UPS My Choice or Delivery Manager from FedEx.


8-If you are a Regular Amazon Shopper, use Amazon Locker: As the biggest shipping giant, Amazon has its own services such as Amazon locker which lets you pick up your package from a secure locker with a code.


9-Get Insurance for Valuable Packages: All packages hold some form of value, but there are some that we know you wouldn’t want to go missing because the items purchased were very expensive. You can purchase insurance which will guarantee your money back if your package is lost.


10-Contact the Retailer: More often than not, retailers provide helpful customer service. They can choose to send you a replacement, or can contact the shipping company to come to a solution. When it comes to the whereabouts of their shipments, the retailers are more aware of the logistics.


At Mesa Alarm, we want to provide you with helpful information on how to secure your home and belongings. We listed many options on how to prevent package theft, and while all are good recommendations we strongly suggest installing security cameras because it is something that will help you with more than package theft. It will help you keep your family safe as well. It is also something that you will have more control over. If you are looking for recommendations on types of security cameras, read this blog. Mesa Alarm Systems has been providing top of the line security systems in Houston for years. Contact us to see what Mesa can do for you.

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