The Importance of Wireless Security Systems

Since the dawn of wireless internet, people have become fascinated with making every aspect of our lives digital and wirelessly accessible. Home security is no exception. But like many things that go wireless, people often wonder whether or not wireless is actually better or necessary. With hardwired security systems still being widely used, people dispute which is more user friendly, secure, and reliable. Keep reading if you want to know more about the importance of wireless security systems 

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Are Wireless Alarm Systems Any Good?

Wireless home security systems have a bad reputation among security enthusiasts because they, like WI-FI routers and cellphones, are subject to interference and network outages, and therefore can potentially be unpredictable or unreliable. The most common type of interference is of the electromagnetic variety from things like baby monitors, remote controls, and power lines; this usually presents in the form of misfiring alarms or incessant beeping. Still, these forms of interference aren’t common and a quality alarm system should be immune. Unless there is a power outage—which is going to take out any security system that relies on electricity—a wireless system can do just fine. 

Many also worry that, because their wireless alarm system has to be connected to an internet network, it can be more easily compromised than independently wired systems. But a wireless system is perfectly secure if properly installed and coming from a reliable provider. They are oftentimes more secure because, whereas a burglar can easily snip a wire to disable a wired system, it takes a seasoned hacker to compromise a wireless system. 

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Why Are Wireless Security Systems Important?

Wireless systems have many benefits: 

Ease of installation: 

  • Because most people don’t have the luxury of building their own house from the get-go, it may not always be possible to install a wired system because the home or apartment may not be pre-wired to accommodate one. That’s not to say that it can’t be done, but it is certainly more difficult to install and should absolutely not be done without the help of a licensed professional. 
  • Conversely, wireless home security is very easy to install. It usually consists of finding a place for your control panel, setting up your camera where you want them, and placing wireless sensors on your doors and windows. 


  • In our increasingly digital world, having a smart home has become more common. Many people enjoy being able to easily connect their home security systems with their other smart home systems or cellular connections via a mobile device. If you have an artificial intelligence system in your home, it may be able to turn your security system on or off, or even control your cameras if you have them. 


  • Because they are so easy to set up, wireless systems are cheaper to install; most of them only require very basic DIY installation or can be quickly done by a representative from your security provider. The alarm panels in wireless systems are also usually battery-powered, and therefore can’t run up your electricity bill. 

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Is a Wired or Wireless Security System Better? 

At the end of the day, choosing between a wireless or wired security system depends entirely on what you need. Where wireless security systems boast easy installation, transportation, and accessibility, a cheap wireless system may be easily compromised and put you at risk. It is imperative that, when choosing your security company, you ensure that they have a reputation for excellence and reliability. 

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