Robbery Prevention Tips For Businesses

For many people, starting their own business is a lifelong dream. But the reality is that there are some dangers involved with owning a business. The greatest of these potential threats is armed robbery. While many business owners are concerned with burglary and theft, armed robbery is different because it is a violent crime against people. As a business owner, protecting your business, employees, and customers should be your top priority; as such, it’s important to know what you can do to reduce the likelihood of a robbery. There are many robbery prevention tips you should look into.

While many robberies don’t result in injury to victims, it’s certainly better to play it safe for the sake of your customers and employees. Be sure to implement a strategy based on robbery prevention tips for businesses for your employees to follow to discourage a potential robber.

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How Can a Business Prevent Robbery?

Both business owners and employees play a part in making businesses safe. Here are some prevention tips you can do to help avoid a robbery:

Take precautions during opening and closing

Make sure that at least two employees are always present when opening and closing the business. The more witnesses to stay visible, the less appealing your business will look to a robber. Start with a visual check of the entire store before starting your daily opening routine to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. And at closing, have employees check all back rooms, restrooms, and closets to ensure that no one remains in the store. The person in charge of the store should have the only keys to side and back doors, and they should keep them locked at all times to prevent undetected entry.

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Greet customers and make direct eye contact

Instruct your employees to greet customers as they enter. Not only is it a great customer service practice, but it sends a message to a potential robber that they were seen and accounted for, and could be recognized later. You should also be sure to watch your customers and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Be cautious about answering questions.

Customers can be expected to ask questions about your business’s hours of operation, but exercise caution if you receive questions or phone calls from a particularly inquisitive person. If they ask about your security system or how many employees are on duty at any given time, you should politely refuse to answer and raise the red flag.

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Be discreet when handling money and bank deposits.

Robbers want cash. To discourage them before a robbery happens, make sure that you don’t keep large bills or large amounts of cash in the register. Establishing a low cash policy can help with this; if someone is casing your business, they won’t be tempted by a cash register stocked with small bills. And be sure to post a notice to that effect that is visible to customers. Another way to be cautious is by taking care when making deposits. By carelessly handling money in the store, you are practically inviting a robber in. Be very discreet when counting large amounts of money or preparing a bank deposit, and keep the business safes. The best time for this is when there are no customers in the store or in a back room while another employee remains out front.

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Outfit your business with a quality security system

You can take as many precautionary measures as you want, but the best thing to do to secure your business is to install a good security system. This is a fantastic deterrent to potential robbers. Mesa Alarms offers business security systems that are monitored around the clock to protect your business. Strategically placed security cameras around your business or in parking lots are another robbery prevention tactic, but can also serve as a way to identify the culprit after a robbery is committed. Furthermore, be sure to clearly post any security signs and stickers around your business to ward off any criminals.

How do you handle a workplace robbery situation?

How you and your employees react during a robbery can seriously impact the outcome of the situation. Should a robbery ever happen to your business, the best thing to do is to stay calm, cooperate, stay observant, and try to go undetected if engaging the silent alarm. The last thing that you want is to antagonize the robbers, especially if they’re armed. While no one wants their business to take a financial hit, the goal here should be for everyone to emerge from the situation unscathed. Do not try to engage the silent alarm that notifies the police department unless you are positive that you can do it without the robbers seeing. If this isn’t possible, wait until the robber leaves before calling the police.

Why Mesa Alarms?

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