Local vs National Alarm Companies: Which One Provides You With Complete Service?

When deciding on an alarm company, it can be difficult to see the difference in benefits in local vs national alarm companies. Automatically, you believe that national companies have more to offer due to their size. Better yet, they will offer you a low price you can’t reject, leading you to think that you got the best deal. The systems may have a lower cost but you suffer with the service provided. That’s just one of the underlying issues you don’t automatically see in the beginning. Read this blog to discover the real differences between local and national alarm companies that affect your service long term.

7 Reasons Why Local Alarm Companies are the Better Option

1. You Have Free Will with Us

We won’t pressure you to take our service. We want you to feel completely confident and satisfied that you have made a good choice by choosing a local alarm company. While we would love to have your service, we won’t force you to do anything. In the long run, you will see positive results from the partnership if the fit is right and addresses all your needs.

Local vs National Alarm Companies

2. We Provide Customization

A local alarm system will inspect your home to see what assets are needed based on the layout and structure. We understand that all homes are not the same, therefore time is needed to assess the needs of your home in order to install an alarm system that can properly protect you.

3. Fast High-Level Local Service

National companies want you to be satisfied, but their clientele is so large that appointments are scheduled far into the future. You won’t see a technician for a minimum of seven days, sometimes up to two weeks. Small companies have a lower number of clients and offer 24/7 monitoring which means you’ll see someone as soon as the next day.

4. You Get to Talk to a Real Person

When you contact a small alarm company, you will get an answer from a real person that can answer your immediate questions. You won’t have to go through multiple automated questions before speaking to someone from customer service that you have to repeat your problem to over and over again after being transferred three times.

Local vs National Alarm Companies

5. We are Part of Your Community

Mesa Alarm systems is a Houston based alarm system that is part of your community. You are not a random person to us from a far away location. We know what goes around your neighborhood, the crime rates, the weather, the social events, the culture,  we are aware of it all because we are right there with you. A national alarm company may have access to statistics, but they will never know what it’s really like to live in Houston.

6. Local Companies Respond to Emergencies Faster

If there is a break-in happening in your home, a signal gets sent to a local call center and then that center dispatches calls to your nearest police and fire departments. A national system would take much longer as they would not be able to make the local call directly. It can take up to 30 minutes for a national company to provide help to you, which more often than not be too little too late. The robbers have left with all your valuables and have had more than enough time to escape as far as possible or if a fire were to occur, it would most likely consume your home.

7. Local Home Security Companies Have More Flexibility With Contracts

Both national and local alarm companies require a contract of service. National companies will offer longer contracts and initial low charges, but over time their prices will go up due to the nature of the contract. Most likely hidden monthly fees will be written in. Local alarm companies will be open to negotiate, as they don’t carry the obligation of appeasing higher ups. When you contact them, you will be able to have a conversation with a real person that is willing to work with you. If you need to cut off service temporality, local companies will be more willing to accommodate you to keep you happy because they care about your piece of mind.  

While Mesa alarm is more expensive, we offer a one stop shop for your security needs as well as high level, local service. At Mesa Alarm Systems, Houston is our priority. We deeply care about our hometown and its workers and residents. It’s our mission to provide the best in commercial and residential security to provide safety for your employees and loved ones. Learn more about our products and services today by calling (281) 694-4313.