The 7 Best Types of Security Systems for Business

Choosing the right type of security system for your business is not only a way to prevent theft in your business but also an easy way to pinpoint intruders if they ever get past your security measures. In order for you to make an informed decision, you need to know as much as possible about each system. Here is a list of the 7 best types of commercial security systems in the market:


1. Fire Alarm Systems


Fire alarms don’t detect robberies but they do prevent you from losing valuables that could be too costly to replace if a fire were to occur. Also, you would be protecting the lives of your employees if a fire were to break out during business hours. Installing a fire alarm system is not as easy as it seems. Your fire alarm system should comply with all state and federal code mandates.


2. Security Alarm Systems


Security alarm systems prevent theft and intrusion. They can detect if your glass windows or doors have been broken and motion sensors to detect when people are entering the building. 24/7 monitoring is provided by the alarm company.

Access Control Systems


3. Access Control Systems


Controlling who has access to specific areas of the building is a way you can keep track of any indiscretions. If anything goes missing, you’ll be able to determine the culprit. Access control systems have the ability to collect data that states the time a person has accessed the building.  Also, anyone who isn’t granted access will not have a way of entering the premises. You will also be able to customize this type of security system.

Wireless Alarm Systems


4. Wireless Alarm Systems


The advantage of a wireless alarm system is that it can go undetected as there are no visible wires. You will be able to determine who is breaking in, they won’t be able to cut wires to disable the alarm system, and they will never know that they are being watched. Wireless systems are more likely to include alternative ways to stay on without the need for electricity in case of a loss of electricity.  


5. Video Surveillance Systems


Video surveillance systems protect the inside and outside of your business. This can be very helpful because you can capture video of the intruder before he or she steps foot into your business and stop them. If the intruder manages to come in and take something, you can capture him or her climbing into their getaway car. This type of information will be very helpful to the police when creating a report.

Video Surveillance Systems


6. Monitored Alarm Systems


It’s 2019, so everything, including your security alarm system, can be accessible to you through your cell phone with an app. 24/7 monitoring stations call the phone number you provide to the alarm company when the alarm goes off. If you have downloaded keypad apps, you’ll get an alert through the app too. You will also have access to on-call dispatchers in case you prefer to hear a real voice or need further assistance.


7. IP-Based Security Cameras


Internet protocol cameras, or IP cameras, enable you to send and receive insights through the internet and computer network. The advantages of this type of camera are many. It has better video quality and advanced features to record. They are also good for those who want to connect them to additional security systems. This can be the difference between catching a suspect. Remember that video quality goes a long way. If the picture is clear, so will the culprit.

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