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At Mesa Alarm Systems, we take pride in providing unparalleled security solutions for families and businesses owners, but we also strive to offer a wealth of security information to further protect your loved ones. Our blog does just that by showcasing a wide variety of interesting topics and discussions that are relevant to you and your family’s life.

burglar breaking into a house through a window

What Do Burglars Look For in a House?

We have listed the top 10 items burglars take & share tips on how to better secure these highly coveted items. Close to 50% of criminals take items from your home while you’re still in the house! In order to protect your home, it’s best to think like a criminal. Now you’re probably wondering, what … Continue reading “What Do Burglars Look For in a House?”

Person ringing the door bell camera

How Does A Doorbell Camera Work?

If you’ve had your packages stolen before or you wish you had a better view of the outside than your tiny little peephole when someone knocks on your door, then it might be time for you to get a doorbell camera. If you have been wondering, how does a doorbell camera work? Keep reading.   … Continue reading “How Does A Doorbell Camera Work?”

Best Types of Security Systems for Business

The 7 Best Types of Security Systems for Business

Choosing the right type of security system for your business is not only a way to prevent theft in your business but also an easy way to pinpoint intruders if they ever get past your security measures. In order for you to make an informed decision, you need to know as much as possible about … Continue reading “The 7 Best Types of Security Systems for Business”

Local vs National Alarm Companies

Local vs National Alarm Companies: Which One Provides You With Complete Service?

When deciding on an alarm company, it can be difficult to see the difference in benefits in local vs national alarm companies. Automatically, you believe that national companies have more to offer due to their size. Better yet, they will offer you a low price you can’t reject, leading you to think that you got … Continue reading “Local vs National Alarm Companies: Which One Provides You With Complete Service?”

How to Prevent a Home Invasion

Learn How to Prevent a Home Invasion in 11 steps

Here at Mesa Alarm, we understand that keeping your home and family away from intruders is your number one concern. We are here to help you make your home as unappealing to burglars as possible. Here are 11 ways on how to prevent a home invasion. 1. Get a Dog Dogs are the number one deterrent … Continue reading “Learn How to Prevent a Home Invasion in 11 steps”


10 Proven Ways to Prevent Package Theft

Package theft is not just a concern during the holidays. 31% of Americans experience package theft regularly and this number is still rising. As our shopping preferences shift to the internet, our concern grows for the arrival of our items. Waiting at home all day for a package is impractical and impossible for most people. … Continue reading “10 Proven Ways to Prevent Package Theft”

Integrated Security Systems Keypad

8 Benefits of Having Integrated Security Systems

Everything from our kitchen appliances to our phones has evolved so why should our method of home security just be our dog and a standard door lock? Help your furry friend defend your home by acquiring an integrated security system that will not only alert you of potential intruders. Businesses can especially benefit from this … Continue reading “8 Benefits of Having Integrated Security Systems”

Fire Protection Services - Emergency Exit sign

How Do Fire Alarm Systems Work?

Whether you need fire protection services for your home or business, it’s essential to be well-informed of what is available to home and business owners alike. As we enter 2019, fire protection and technology is changing rapidly and it can be difficult to stay abreast of every new update. We start wondering, how do fire … Continue reading “How Do Fire Alarm Systems Work?”

Heat Detector

The 4 Types of Heat and Smoke Detectors

When it comes to protecting your home or business from fires, it’s important to equip your property with advanced devices to detect the first signs of heat. Thankfully, heat detectors give home and business owners additional peace of mind knowing that their occupants and assets are safer. But what are they and how many types of … Continue reading “The 4 Types of Heat and Smoke Detectors”

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fires can get out of control in as little as 6 seconds. Flammable liquids and fabrics can contribute to its spread, sometimes making it impossible for employees to safely leave the premises. Fire safety should be the cornerstone of every business practice. The safety of your employees MUST come first, and it takes knowledgeable professionals … Continue reading “Fire Safety in the Workplace”