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Security Systems for Commercial Properties - Mesa Alarm Systems

Security Systems for Commercial Properties

If you are the business or property owner of commercial buildings, odds are you’re very concerned with security. And because commercial properties house a wide range of businesses, stores, and restaurants, it’s essential that you have a comprehensive system in place so that your building remains secure. That goes a lot further than hiring a … Continue reading “Security Systems for Commercial Properties”

Do Alarm Systems Deter Crime?

Do Alarm Systems Deter Crime?

If you are a homeowner, odds are that you have done some research on home security systems. And regardless of whether you go with a wired, wireless, or hybrid security system, it’s impossible to deny the benefits of a home security system. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing that the authorities … Continue reading “Do Alarm Systems Deter Crime?”

protect your home from invasion

How to Protect Your Home from Invasion

When it comes to protecting your home and everything inside it, you can never take too many precautions. And with employment rates down, crime is likely to go up. Being proactive is essential if you want to ward off would-be invaders. Whether you are looking for some do-it-yourself ways to keep your family safe or … Continue reading “How to Protect Your Home from Invasion”

Safety Issues at Home

Safety Issues at Home: Summer Edition

Warmer, summer weather generally means carefree days with friends and family, swimming, biking, and other outdoor activities. But with summer vacation in full swing, many homeowners are concerned about making sure that their homes and loved ones inside stay safe. Whether you are concerned about leaving your home while you are away on vacation, or … Continue reading “Safety Issues at Home: Summer Edition”

package theft protection

Package Theft Prevention: How to Safeguard Your Packages During Lockdown

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, most people find themselves spending more time at home. The challenge of late has been for people to find ways to conduct their day-to-day lives, business, and find entertainment in new ways. For many, this means spending their idle time online and, in most cases, online shopping. With packages … Continue reading “Package Theft Prevention: How to Safeguard Your Packages During Lockdown”

types of door access systems

Types of Door Access Control Systems

With armed robberies and mass shootings becoming more and more commonplace in our country, it is increasingly important for business owners to make sure that the only people in their store or business are those who are supposed to be there. To regulate who comes and goes, a physical security system of some kind is … Continue reading “Types of Door Access Control Systems”

Robbery Prevention Tips

Robbery Prevention Tips For Businesses

For many people, starting their own business is a lifelong dream. But the reality is that there are some dangers involved with owning a business. The greatest of these potential threats is armed robbery. While many business owners are concerned with burglary and theft, armed robbery is different because it is a violent crime against … Continue reading “Robbery Prevention Tips For Businesses”

wireless camera importance

The Importance of Wireless Security Systems

Since the dawn of wireless internet, people have become fascinated with making every aspect of our lives digital and wirelessly accessible. Home security is no exception. But like many things that go wireless, people often wonder whether or not wireless is actually better or necessary. With hardwired security systems still being widely used, people dispute … Continue reading “The Importance of Wireless Security Systems”

security cameras

3 Advantages to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

If you’re wondering, why should I hide my outdoor security cameras? There are a wealth of reasons and they may not be as obvious as you think. For most people, one of the main perks of having outdoor surveillance is for others to clearly see that they are on camera. While this reasoning certainly rings … Continue reading “3 Advantages to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras”

security business monitoring

Business Security Monitoring: 4 Items to Consider

No matter if your business is small or large, your business is unique and has a lot of its place to make it successful through what your company offers. There are some factors you need to consider before you establish looking into alarm systems: location of the company, the crime rate in city or area, … Continue reading “Business Security Monitoring: 4 Items to Consider”