101 Guide to Vehicle and Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Has your vehicle ever been stolen? If it hasn’t, it possibly could. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, from 2017 to 2019, there have been 41,000 cases of stolen motorcycles reported. It doesn’t matter if your motorcycle is brand new. All kinds of motorcycles, Honda to Harley Davidson, and homes are susceptible to motorcycle theft. 

As a motorcycle and car owner, all you want is to cruise the open road without worrying about thieves. However, your vehicle can become a stolen vehicle if you don’t apply these helpful tips. Follow the 101 Guide To Reducing Vehicle and Motorcycle Theft Prevention below to avoid becoming the latest victim of theft. 

Where do Vehicles and Motorcycles Normally Get Stolen?

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, over 65,000 cars and trucks are stolen and almost 200,000 burglarized each year in Texas. In 2018, there were 3,073 stolen motorcycles. Vehicle and motorcycle theft happens everywhere, from common areas like parks, motorcycle gatherings, parking garages to sporting events and bars. 

All drivers and motorcyclists must keep in mind that thieves also target homes and small neighborhoods. When it comes down to it, everyone is at risk of vehicle theft. 

How to Protect your Home from Vehicle and Motorcycle Theft?

How to Protect your Home from Vehicle and Motorcycle Theft? 

To deter criminals and motorcycle thieves, investing in a home security system is vital. Home security systems can offer different features and protections that prevent criminals from taking what belongs to you. Every car and vehicle owner needs to know that not all home security systems are made equally, and having a system that meets your security needs is essential. Let’s guide you through the different features of a security system and how they can help protect your home and car or motorcycle. 

Active Surveillance

With active surveillance systems, homeowners can know that their property is protected. With active surveillance and monitoring, once an alarm in a home is triggered, a representative will speak with the homeowner to assess the situation. If the homeowner fails to answer or provide the necessary code, local officials will promptly notify and send it to your premises.

Camera and Video Systems

The most significant benefit of a surveillance system is its ability to ward off criminals. Having security cameras in visible areas lets criminals know that your home is protected and reduces the chances of theft. The second benefit of cameras is that you can check in on your property or family from anywhere with remote access. This will give you some peace of mind.

With the latest camera technology, homeowners can know that their homes, vehicles, and motorcycles are protected even at night. With night vision technology and megapixel cameras, your car and motorcycles are protected. 

A System that Matches Your Needs

Every home, garage, and driveway are designed differently, and therefore the security system you use must match your needs. When picking a security system and company to protect your vehicle or motorcycle, it’s important to speak with a professional to determine your individual needs and design the best system for your home.

Tips on Preventing Motorcycle Theft 

Now that you know where motorcycles are most likely to get stolen, and the different methods motorcycle thieves will use, it’s time to learn the top four theft prevention strategies. 

Motorcycle Safety Modifications 

Adding a kill switch to your motorcycle can help prevent motorcycle theft. With a kill switch, you could cut the main fuel line and graft in a toggle switch. It will still allow your bike to start but dies shortly after running for a few seconds. Don’t worry; the kill switch will not damage your bike. Instead, it will shut down all the electrics on a motorcycle, preventing a thief from riding off with your motorcycle.

Furthermore, anchors deter motorcycle thieves because thieves know it will take longer to steal the bike. Get a disc lock, attach a cable to it and anchor that to something solid and heavy to the ground. This will make your motorcycle act as an immovable object. 

A third and quick method to preventing stolen vehicles is removing the clutch lever. This won’t let anyone ride away with your bike or roll it around. All you have to do is take a screwdriver and a few seconds to remove or install the clutch lever. 

Install Anti-Theft Devices to the Bike

The two main anti-theft devices you want to install are an alarm and theft prevention GPS. The alarm informs you if anyone is messing with your motorcycle by making a loud sound similar to your car alarm when someone is attempting theft. For something soundless, you should consider installing a GPS tracking device on your motorbike. If it did get stolen, the police would track it down within minutes.

Park with Intelligence

Don’t rely on motorcycle covers. They aren’t 100 percent effective for theft prevention as motorcycle thieves won’t mind taking a few seconds to remove the bike covers. Instead, focus on parking your motorbike around other motorcycles, hiding the bike behind a large vehicle, and directly within your view of your home security system. All of these minimize the attention to your motorcycle and access a direct view of it.

Use Locks

Lock everything on your motorcycle that can be secured. Use fork locks and lock the motorcycle ignition to ensure motorcycle security. Fork locks forbid your bike to roll away, especially if you turn your wheel inward before putting the lock on. The most important thing is to lock your motorbike’s ignition. Most stolen motorcycles happened when their ignition was shut off but not locked.

Tips on Preventing Vehicle Theft

Cars and trucks are more challenging targets than motorcycles. However, that doesn’t stop vehicle theft. The Insurance Information Institute still estimates a vehicle is stolen every 40.9 seconds in the United States. Follow our top three tips for preventing car theft. 

Park with Intelligence 

As mentioned previously, parking matters. Make sure your vehicle is visible and in a well-lit area. It’s also intelligent to be aware of what is visible in your car. Make sure you don’t leave valuables like shopping bags, backpacks, purses, or laptops inside your vehicle. In addition, make sure the vehicle is within view of your home security system.

Install Anti Theft Technology to Your Vehicle

Installing audible alarm systems that trigger when a vehicle door is forced open or someone attempts to enter can deter theft from taking off with your vehicle. In addition, car immobilizer systems can disable the vehicle so that a thief cannot make off with it. It’s common for these systems to work with law enforcement and share the location of your vehicle. This helps with the safe return of your stolen property.

Use Locks

A visible steering wheel lock can deter theft. It lets a thief know that your vehicle is protected and tougher to steal. A second type of lock to consider is break locks. This type of lock makes it impossible for the pedal of the car or truck to be used until the lock is removed. These devices can deter criminals from attempting to steal your vehicle.

Mesa Alarm Systems: The Solution to preventing motorcycle theft!

Mesa Alarm Systems: The Solution to Security

You don’t want to be part of the National Insurance Crime Bureau Statistics of stolen motorcycles and vehicles. Protect your motorcycle and your home from theft with security devices and have a line of defense ready to go by implementing these tips to home and vehicle security. 

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