Crime Prevention Tips for Business Owners

Ensuring the safety of your employees and your property is one of the most crucial steps in developing a successful business. Without a proper security plan, your business may be the victim of a burglary. Staying alert and taking the proper safety measures can protect your information, your clients, and your staff. 

Limit the risk of a break-in and protect your business with the following crime prevention tips. 


Crime prevention tips include employee policy and inventory checks.


General Safety Tips

Don’t spend months trying to recover what you lost in a burglary. These general crime prevention tips are the best approach to take for extra security and lessen the probability of a break-in on your property:


  • Know the Local Police Department

In a commercial setting, you can usually find law enforcement patrolling the parking lot area in their vehicles. By getting to know the security on your premises, you will not only build strong relationships with them, but you will also have the opportunity to ask them to look after your property on a frequent basis. This can also serve as a chance to talk to them about safety suggestions.

  • Enforce Employee Policies

Employee theft is a lot more common than one might think. In fact, businesses in the US lose up to $110 million a day due to employee-related crimes. Enforcing employee policies and procedures—such as background checks and security training—increases your security layers, making it more difficult for burglars to find weak spots. 

  • Inventory Check

Tracking your inventory by labeling expensive equipment with identification numbers is another smart way to add another layer of security to your business and keep track of each of your belongings. 

  • Property Management

Take a good look at the landscape of your property. Do you see any good hiding spots? Is there an area covered by darkness or out of security camera range? If so, you might want to consider managing your landscape to prevent any break-ins. Areas without good lighting or overgrown shrubs are easy spots to hide in—making a burglar’s job that much easier.


Installing security cameras can prevent crime and protect your business.


Tips for Closing Up  

Though general safety tips and practices add numerous layers of security to your property, they do not ensure that your business is completely protected. In most cases, a robbery occurs when a building is left unsupervised, so taking those extra safety measures before you close for the night is an extremely important step in your night routine before heading home. Identify the weak spots in your property and take action to improve security around your commercial business. 

  • Upgrade Your Locks

By upgrading the locks to your doors, windows, sheds, etc., the entrances to the building will be a lot more difficult for offenders to access. You should also make sure that rooms or areas where only staff are allowed are kept locked at all times.

  • Leave Items Out of View

Any valuable items such as keys, laptops, bags, or jewelry, should be hidden in a place where they are out of sight. Do not leave any valuables on display or post them on social media as it can increase the chances of a burglary. 

  • Security Check

One thing you should never assume is that you’re alone while closing up your shop, which is why it’s crucial to include a visual inspection of all areas—including restrooms—as part of your night routine. 

  • Leave Tools Out of Sight

In many instances, tools or climbing structures often help burglars break into someone’s property, so be sure to lock them up inside to prevent a break-in. If you think something could be of good use to a burglar, it’s best to keep it out of sight. Items, such as trash bins or ladders, can serve as a climbing aid, making it easier for someone to access different parts of your commercial site. 

  • Set Rules For Employees

Never stay up late at night again wondering if someone closed up the commercial site. Instead, introduce a rule in which one employee—preferably the last one to leave the building—gets assigned to lock the doors and remove the keys. 

  • Install a Security System

Set up a camera or video system around your premises to maintain a safe and secure workplace. With a surveillance system, you will be able to monitor every inch of your property whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or in dark areas. These systems are a way to reassure that your business is protected and can even prevent a burglary from occurring by sending out an alert when motion has been detected. 

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