Ways to Prevent Shoplifting

Here are the top three ways to ward off shoplifters.

Let’s face it—owning a business, especially a small business, isn’t exactly a cake walk. Aside from turning a profit, you have to ensure the safety of your employees, storefront, and goods. The last thing you need is someone with a five-finger discount walking through your store. At Mesa Alarm Systems, Houston’s best commercial security system provider, we are dedicated to offering customized solutions to keep your employees and inventory safe. Although, beyond a superior security system, here are a few ways you can prevent shoplifters.

Beef Up Your Customer Service

It’s actually quite easy to spot a potential shoplifter. They often walk out of plain view and avoid eye contact as much as possible. They’re the people that are more focused on their surroundings rather than the store products. By far, the best way to handle suspicious individuals is to kill them with kindness and offer them the best customer service possible. The last things a shoplifter wants is to be noticed. Have your employees greet them and assist them in any way possible. Suspicious characters will eventually leave if the employees are overly attentive.

Mix Things Up a Bit

As you check your daily inventory, it may become obvious which products are getting stolen the most. These “missing” items are wreaking havoc on your overall sales and may eventually chip away at the integrity of your business. To prevent further losses, consider rearranging your store so those highly sought after items are in plain view from the register or other areas with high foot traffic. Shoplifters are less likely to steal something in plain sight, so try your best to arrange the store in your favor.

Surveillance, Surveillance, and More Surveillance

Security cameras are your first line of defense against shoplifters. Without a doubt, thieves hate cameras. They are the bane of their existence and the number one thing they look for when scoping out a store. Aside from having cameras at obvious places like the checkout, consider placing them at the far edges of your store. Shoplifters rarely rob in plain sight and they might think twice about pocketing something when they notice cameras all throughout your property.

If you’d like to learn more tips on how to protect your business or home, check out some of our other informative blog articles. At Mesa Alarm Systems, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced business security systems in Houston. Make tomorrow safer today and call us for any of your commercial or home security needs.

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