The Best Places on Your Property to Have Security Cameras

At Mesa Alarm Systems, we provide the most advanced home and commercial surveillance cameras in Houston. Whether you need to protect your family, employees, or property, security cameras are vital to a well-secured home or business. Even though we highly recommend consulting with our security experts when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, we’d like to further educate others on the best possible places to install security cameras on your property. After all, your safety is our number one concern.

Front Door

According to Nachi.org, 34% of burglars enter through the front door, and over 80% of break-ins happen on the first floor. So, having a camera pointed at your home’s front door is a prime location. However, you should be mindful of its placement since an intruder might attempt to destroy it. We recommend having it installed out of reach on a second-floor ledge. If you don’t have a second floor, consider having it placed in a dark or hidden location.

First-Floor Windows

First-floor windows are other weak points on your property that intruders like to exploit, specifically windows that don’t face the street. In fact, they are the second most preferred entrances for burglars. For thieves, nothing is more inviting than a window in a dark area out of view from neighbors. To ensure your windows have proper surveillance, consider having us install our state-of-the-art cameras all around your property.

Back Door

As mentioned before, the main entrances of your home or business are the places burglars use most. One of which is your back door. Since back doors are often not well-lit, we recommend having a camera with night vision installed. Also, keep in mind that all of your cameras outside will be exposed to everything mother nature has to offer. To ensure a long lasting surveillance system, consider getting weatherproof cameras.
No matter the size of your property, our security experts are well-trained to provide the advice and customized services you need to have peace of mind. Learn more about our products and services today by calling (281) 690-4500! Don’t second guess the safety of your family and/or employees; get the best alarm systems Houston has to offer.

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