Summer Home Security Tips and Tricks in Houston

Summer is known for several things: hot weather, school-free days, and family vacations. Unfortunately, break-ins and home invasions, as well. Before planning your next summer vacation, here are some Houston home security tips and tricks that will give you peace of mind while you’re away.


Fortify Windows and Doors

Make sure your windows and doors are prepared to ward off potential thieves by installing the following features on all entrance points in your home. Metal doors or solid wood core doors are the best at repelling burglars, but they can be rendered useless if accompanied by a cheap lock and doorknob. So to maximize your security benefits, use a good lock and doorknob combo, one that has a deadbolt lock feature and a solid strike plate. As for the windows, use anti-lifting devices or glass break detectors to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.



One of the best deterrents for criminals is a well-lit area, so installing a good motion sensor lighting system around the exterior your house will provide your family with the peace of mind they deserve. It isn’t enough to just have lights on outside your home, as families that leave outdoor lights on all day and night are a dead giveaway that no one is home. Rather, invest in a photocell or light motion sensor system. Areas that you should make sure are the most well-lit include all entrance points (front door, back door, and garage doors) as well as the driveway. Timers are also a great investment for families that travel frequently; the random light patterns give the appearance of an occupied home.


Get an Alarm System

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s the best possible burglary defense for a reason. Alarm systems, when used properly are one of the most effective at preventing and disrupting home burglaries. At Mesa Alarm Systems, we provide state-of-the-art integrated systems that are customized to your unique needs. Whether you need burglar alarms, access control, fire alarms, video systems, or 24/7 monitoring, you’ll be able to control them all from our user-friendly keypads or advanced smartphone app. Take control of your home or business with Mesa Alarm Systems–the best alarm systems in Houston. Learn more about our products and services today by calling (281) 694-4313.