How Burglars Pick a House

Burglars don’t pick houses at random. Burglars know your 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work schedule and will use it to determine the set time to enter through your front door, the backdoor, or the garage, whichever is the easiest entry point. In fact, most of them will scout out your neighborhood before they strike. During this process, they look for key factors that show how vulnerable your home is. In most cases, burglars don’t want a hassle. They want to easily get in and out of your home with your belongings in tow. So, how do burglars pick a house and what are the key indicators they look out for? In this month’s informative blog, we’re going to uncover the motivations of a thief to further protect your family and home.


piled up mail in your mail box

Mail Has Piled Up

In order to learn how burglars pick a house, we need to think like one. Burglars often target homes that look unkempt and have obvious signs of vacancy: piled up newspapers, neglected lawns, etc. These homes are easy targets. Consider having a trusted friend or family member look over your home while you’re away. Give them a key and have them stop by your home every so often to bring in the mail and take care of other chores. Doing so will make your home appear lived in and will ward off any thieves that might have been scouting out your neighborhood.


It’s Quiet During the Day

Most home robberies occur between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. It may seem odd that they choose to break in during broad daylight, but it makes sense when you consider the work and school schedules of average Americans. The last thing a thief wants is to get hassled by the people they’re robbing, and it’s much easier to clear a place out when no one is home. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to look after your home while you’re away unless you have 24/7 security monitoring services or nifty devices like Nest cams, which begin capturing footage when they sense motion and send a live feed to your smartphone. If you’re interested in services or products like this, don’t hesitate to talk to a security expert today.


A dog guarding its owner's house

You Don’t Have a Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are considered a man’s best friend. Most dogs have a natural instinct to protect their owners, which is why robbers loathe them. They’re also capable of generating quite a bit of noise when they bark. All in all, they’re the last thing a robber wants to run into when clearing out a home. They bark, they bite, and they can cause a lot of commotion. If you’re looking to ward off burglars, consider getting a dog. If robbers approach, odds are your furry friend will stir up the neighborhood. Also, a thief is less likely to even attempt a robbery if a pup is home.


Your Windows & Doors are Unlocked

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often people leave their homes and vehicles unlocked, and thieves are happy to exploit what others have overlooked. In fact, the larger your family is, the more likely something might be left open or unlocked. Backdoors and windows are especially vulnerable since they’re out of view from the street. As a precaution, make an effort to check all your windows and doors before you leave. Don’t make it easier for robbers. The last thing you want is to invite an unwanted guest due to a minor oversight. For additional protection, learn more about how burglar alarms can alert the entire home of an intruder.


A lady arming the house alarm through the keypad

You Don’t Have an Alarm System

At Mesa Alarm Systems, we provide state-of-the-art burglar systems to keep your loved ones safe. From motion sensors to glass break detectors, you can ensure your home is ready for intruders while you’re home or away. All of these systems can be integrated into one seamless system that can be controlled from an advanced keypad or our convenient smartphone app. Our burglar alarms have warded off countless criminals and kept families safe while homeowners were out and about. If you truly want peace of mind, have our security experts install a cutting-edge burglary system.
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