How Does A Doorbell Camera Work?

If you’ve had your packages stolen before or you wish you had a better view of the outside than your tiny little peephole when someone knocks on your door, then it might be time for you to get a doorbell camera. If you have been wondering, how does a doorbell camera work? Keep reading.


What are the functions of a doorbell camera?

The first thing you want to know about a doorbell camera is what it actually does. It’s almost as simple as it sounds. It’s a doorbell that is also a camera, meaning people will ring the doorbell and subsequently be standing in front of a doorbell that has the capacity to record them and detect when they are at the door.

The doorbell camera will automatically send a notification to your cell phone and let you know someone is at the door
The doorbell camera connects to the internet through wifi. When the person at the door rings the bell, the doorbell camera will automatically send a notification to your cell phone and let you know someone is at the door. If the person does not ring the doorbell, the doorbell camera will still alert you because it will be able to sense the person is there through motion detection.

The doorbell camera has the ability to record and store video which you can use if it becomes necessary.


Benefits of doorbell cameras

  • You Can Capture Video in HD Quality-This can become very important when dealing with break-ins or stolen packages. Often, thieves are not captured due to the quality of the camera. Because doorbell cameras carry one of the latest technologies, they can record in high definition.


  • Two Way Audio For Communication-Two-way communication can aid an otherwise impossible pair of people to be able to talk to one another. It can also help the resident of the home inquire the person who is outside of the home without opening the door or coming near it. This keeps the resident protected in case the visit is unwanted.


  • Captures Visitors Through Motion Detection-There will be people who will not ring the doorbell and more often than not, those are the people you want to know that stopped by. Even if they don’t ring the doorbell, doorbell cameras have motion detection that will be able to pinpoint when someone has stopped by.


  • After Hours Night Vision –It can get difficult to see at night in real life, so it is understandable that video can have that same problem. Doorbell technology took that into consideration and added night vision to its features. Thieves tend to want to disguise themselves in dark clothes to blend with the darkness of the night, but night vision will help you see them clearly.


  • Can Be Integrated to Existing Home SecurityIf you have a well put together security system already installed, you don’t want to add something that doesn’t mesh well with what you have going on. The good news is that doorbell cameras integrate fairly easily into existing security systems. This integration will enhance what you already have in place.


  • Convenience- Even if you are not concerned with theft and security, doorbell cameras are a good idea. You can interact with the person outside of your home without ever having to come face to face. Maybe you’re at the grocery store while someone stops by to leave an important package. Instead of them leaving the package on the doorstep unattended or not leaving the package at all, you can talk to the person and let him or her know where to leave it for your convenience.


Why you should add a doorbell camera to your home

A doorbell camera can become very useful for just about everyone. This type of security camera is helpful for those who can’t get to the door on time due to not being in proximity to the door or being incapacitated to get to the door. It can also be beneficial when you leave your home. Most if not all of us need to leave our homes from time to time, whether it’s to go to work, run errands, or go on vacation. The doorbell camera will be your eyes and ears when you are not around.


Wired Vs Wireless Doorbell Cameras

When deciding to integrate a doorbell camera to your home security, it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Wireless Cameras- Battery powered and wifi friendly, this option is easily portable if it needs to be changed to another location.

Wired Cameras- These cameras require a more extensive installation process because they are connected to the wires of your current doorbell. Also, you must have a doorbell prior to installation. Wired cameras typically require professional installation. The benefit to wired cameras is that they are reliable.



Now that you have learned more about how doorbell cameras work, you can start to look at your installation options. Don’t ruin your doorbell by attempting to do something you’ve never done before. Get your doorbell camera professionally installed. Here at Mesa Alarm Systems, we’ve been securing Houston homes since 1990.  Contact us today to see how we can help you secure your home with the Mesa advantage.

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