How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

With summer in full swing and the restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic finally lightening, many people expect to take their families on a much needed vacation. However, leaving your home for an extended period of time can be disconcerting. Burglars have a keen eye for uninhabited homes, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions prior to your departure to ensure that your home is safe. But what can you do to ward off criminals while you are away? Keep reading to learn more about how to protect your home while on vacation!

What Should I Do To My House Before I Go On Vacation?

Going on a relaxing vacation unfortunately takes a lot of planning, and your home shouldn’t be forgotten in your preparations. There are a few key things you should do to the inside and outside of your home before heading out to ensure safety measures that can help prevent a burglary from occurring in your home. So, what are some safety precautions that you can follow? Here are a few:

  • Beware of a power surge

It’s important to be prepared for a power surge in case one occurs while you’re relaxing on vacation. Disconnect any electronics, such as computers and TVs, or plug them into a surge protector before you leave.

  • Check windows and doors

It never hurts to double-check your locks. Make sure every door and window in your home is locked to prevent anyone from getting in. 

  • Secure your valuables

Invest in a safe deposit box to place your jewelry and other valuables in to ensure you don’t leave out anything in plain sight.

  • Lock the garage

It’s very often that people forget to lock their garage doors, leaving the opportunity for valuables to get stolen or a clear entrance to the inside of your home. Secure any doors that lead to the garage.

  • Don’t leave spare keys outside

While you probably shouldn’t leave spare keys outside your home for any occasion, you especially shouldn’t leave them out while you’re on vacation because the chances of a burglar finding them are very high.

Should I Leave a Light On When I Go on Vacation?

We recommend investing in smart lighting. Smart LED bulbs can be connected to an app on your phone that allows for remote control or programmed activation. Many Smart LED bulbs even offer a ‘vacation mode’ setting that will turn the lights in your home on and off at random to mimic the homeowner’s usual behavior. On the same note, installing outdoor security lights is also recommended because they can illuminate dark areas on the outside of your home that burglars are more likely to hide in. Most outdoor security lights are either motion-activated or only turn on at night. 

What kind of homes do burglars look for? Learn about protecting your home while on vacation.

What Kind of Homes Do Burglars Look For?

Burglars often look for homes that have easy access, show indications of being empty, or have low visibility. Doors or windows with weak locks are easy access points as well as garage and pet doors. Burglars also typically try to break into homes that aren’t occupied to avoid the homeowners. Many burglaries often happen during the day because that is when people are either working, in school, or running errands. Homes that do not have outdoor lighting are also usually common targets for burglaries because they are more difficult to spot.  

Tips for Preventing Your Home From Being a Target

Besides the safety precautions we listed above, there are plenty more helpful tips to prevent your home from being a target that go beyond home maintenance. Some tips to consider:

Tip 1: Pause your newspaper deliveries 

An overflowing amount of mail waiting at your doorstep is a clear sign of an empty home. Request your mail carrier to stop delivering to your home through the USPS website or ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail while you’re away.

Tip 2: Have someone look after your home

Whether it’s a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member, have someone stop by your home every so often to assure that everything is in order.

Tip 3: Don’t share on social media

While many of us love to share our vacation trip to our friends and family on social media, this is also an indication that your home is currently empty. Instead of uploading pictures during your vacation, it’s safer to wait once you have returned home. 

Tip 4: Invest in a monitored home security system

This is probably the most effective way to prevent a burglary in your home. A monitored home security system not only detects when a window or a door has been opened, but it also activates an alarm that notifies your alarm company who will then alert the police within minutes of the initial alert.

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