Package Theft Prevention: How to Safeguard Your Packages During Lockdown

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, most people find themselves spending more time at home. The challenge of late has been for people to find ways to conduct their day-to-day lives, business, and find entertainment in new ways. For many, this means spending their idle time online and, in most cases, online shopping. With packages arriving at peoples’ doorsteps at a rate that rivals Christmastime, and shipping delays more commonplace due to coronavirus-related holdups, it is no wonder that people are concerned with the security of their packages. Many online stores and delivery services warn shoppers that their packages may come in later than expected, but how long is too long before you need to start worrying? To learn more about package theft prevention during these uncertain times, keep reading. 

package theft protection

How Common is Package Theft? 

Package theft may seem like a sporadic and isolated crime, but the truth is that close to 40% of Americans claim or suspect that they have been a victim of front porch theft. Some packages require a signature and may not be delivered if no one answers the door, but most of the time the delivery person won’t even bother to ring the doorbell and will leave your package unattended on the porch. It is this practice that makes so many people more likely to fall victim to porch pirates

during lockdown package theft

Is Package Theft More Likely During Lockdown?

Because so many people are working from home and generally staying in during lockdown, it may come as a surprise that package theft might be even more likely during these already uncertain times. With the number of packages delivered daily at an all-time high, it is far more common to see a package sitting outside of someone’s home unattended. And although the recipient of the package may be sitting in the next room, they may be completely unaware that their package was even dropped off. Some people do not even use their front door, instead opting to go in and out through their garage or a side door. If the item does not require a signature, it may be left sitting outside for days. 

package being stolen

What Happens if a Package is Stolen? 

If you have cause to believe that your package has been stolen, there are a few things that might happen. Depending on the delivery service and/or product provider, it may be as simple as notifying one of these parties and having a new one sent to you, free of charge. However, some companies may be less generous than this and may require you to give proof that your package was taken. If you have a security camera at your front door or even a video doorbell, you may be able to give proof of the exact moment your package was stolen and potentially identify the culprit. If you are interested in this extra security, Mesa Alarms provides video doorbells and complete camera systems! In some cases, the package may not have even been delivered and there was some mishap with the online tracking. But even if you are able to provide this proof, some delivery companies may not be able to give you satisfaction; once the package is out of their care, it is considered your property and responsibility to collect it from the delivery spot promptly on package theft protection. 

How do I Keep My Porch Pirates From Stealing My Packages?

The best method of theft prevention is to not leave them out long enough to give thieves the opportunity. If you have a preferred delivery spot other than your front door, it may be beneficial to leave detailed instructions when ordering your package to avoid any confusion. For people that live in apartments, check to see if your building has a package dropoff or Amazon lockers. These ensure that there is a set place for all deliveries to go and that your parcels are never left unattended at your door. There are also some locked delivery lockers that can fit medium-sized packages and secure them until you are able to unlock and collect them. 

If you are going out of town and know that you will have a package coming in, try to enlist a trusted friend, roommate, or family member to come over and pick up your package while you are gone. You could also simply have the package delivered to their home and collect it when you return. Some different options for package theft protection. 

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