Types of Door Access Control Systems

With armed robberies and mass shootings becoming more and more commonplace in our country, it is increasingly important for business owners to make sure that the only people in their store or business are those who are supposed to be there. To regulate who comes and goes, a physical security system of some kind is essential– you want your employees to be able to access their workspace with ease while maintaining a secure environment so that everyone feels safe. A simple security solution to this problem is access control systems. These systems range from simple keypads and card reader access points to more advanced facial recognition systems. Keep reading to find out how they work and learn about different types of door access control systems. 

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What Is A Door Access Control System And What Are The Benefits? 

The purpose of an access control system is to make sure that you are only granting access to a building to those who are meant to be there. At one point, installing a physical security system was simple: just make sure to put a good lock on the door. However, businesses in this modern age have many more advanced, easy to install options for security systems that allow for secure access to your business. Newer door access control systems tend to use a card reader that controls the door lock; to enter the building, and employees will need to use a key fob or key card. To unlock the door when exiting the building, an exit button of some kind is usually implemented. If there is ever an instance where the door opens without utilizing the card reader, the alarm system will go off and notify the authorities and business owner that someone is trespassing. 

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The benefits of this kind of security system are great. Not only can having a building-wide security system protect your employees, customers, products, information, and monetary assets from danger; you can also use it to monitor when your employees arrive and leave and keep their access limited to a particular workspace. If your business handles sensitive information or you simply want to only allow employees entrance to what they need to do their job, this kind of system is great for that kind of customizable access. It also can reduce thefts and accidents, as well as entirely eliminate the need for a customary, easily misplaced key. 

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Types Of Access Control Systems 

There are three main types of access control systems. While all of them serve the same purpose of authenticating individuals to enter a building, they operate differently. The three types of access control systems are: Discretionary Access, Mandatory Access, and Role-Based Access. For most businesses, physical security with a discretionary or role-based access control system is the most beneficial. Discretionary Access Control is a system that lets the business owner decide where they want to allow access to their employees. It is the least restrictive control system; once an individual is allowed access to something, they have unlimited access to all physical locations. Mandatory Access Control (MAC) is a system that puts more emphasis on confidentiality and data classification. This kind of system is often employed in high-security settings like government and military facilities because it restricts individual resource owners from having the ability to grant or deny access to digital systems. It works by assigning each user and a device on the system to a specific classification level; depending on which classification an entity is assigned to, they have access to only the assets associated with that classification. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)  is one of the most in-demand access control systems. It is unique in that it is functional for both residential and commercial properties. This system provides access solely based on an individual’s role in the household or company, with privileges being given according to the associated responsibilities for that particular job description. This type of system makes things much easier as it doesn’t require assigning multiple individuals access to each particular location. 

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Which Type of Access Control System Is Best For You?

When it comes to selecting a type of physical access control system for your business, it’s important to evaluate your company’s needs and functions. Mesa Alarms provides several high-tech, quality options for physical security to make sure that your business has exactly what it needs to operate safely. Most small business owners find that utilizing a Discretionary Access system that unlocks doors with a keypad or card is more than enough. That being said, some companies have very complex customized systems with authentication methods like license plate recognition, mobile phone identification, facial recognition, or very advanced software that can control doors globally. If you are unsure what kind of security your business would benefit from, the best thing to do would be to get with an expert who can help you set up something specific to your business’ needs. 

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Tailor-Made Security at Mesa Alarms 

At Mesa Alarms, we pride ourselves on offering tailor-made security options for both residential and commercial properties. If you want to learn more about types of door access control systems or have an interest in installing a security and alarm system for your home or business, contact Mesa Alarms today.

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