The Importance of a Restaurant Security Systems

A great thing about the restaurant industry is its abundance and diversity of cuisines, cultures, and flavors. Whether it is a national chain or a local café, each restaurant comes with a unique set of needs in terms of supply, staff, and security. That is why a security system customized to your restaurant’s security goals is essential. Whether it comes to protecting your inventory, assets, employees, or patrons, it is the number one priority to ensure your business remains safe and secure. There are many types of restaurant security systems that provide different forms of protection which you should take into consideration.

Restaurant Alarm Systems

A standard alarm system is something any business can benefit from. With the installation of door sensors and window sensors, an alarm system can easily detect and notify you of intruders when triggered. Restaurants and other establishments are prone to intrusion after hours when they appear to be empty. Implementing an alarm system can not only provide intrusion detection, but may also scare off intruders with loud, attention-catching sirens. Mesa Alarm Systems’ UL-certified central stations provide immediate responses to critical security issues, especially when clients trigger the panic buttons installed to summon immediate assistance to the scene. 

Restaurant Security Cameras & Video Systems

A security camera and video surveillance system that covers all areas of your restaurant is paramount to its security. High-resolution security cameras will help you monitor parking lots or the exterior of your restaurant in real time. They can also be installed indoors to monitor the premises and alert you of potentially suspicious activity that may be conducted. Strategically placed security cameras, in areas with cash registers or customer service, may help prevent or catch any instances of employee misconduct or possible unruly customers. A security camera and video surveillance system also provides an extra set of eyes in the event your alarm system is triggered after hours. The resulting footage may help in identifying culprits.

Access Control Systems

Having certain parts of your restaurant restricted to the general public or certain employees can give a business owner peace of mind. Access control systems installed at certain entrances and exits as well as certain rooms, which may contain valuable inventory or confidential information. For example, Mesa Alarm Systems helped a local client control entry to a large wine room that contained expensive wines and champagnes. The controlled entry acts as an added layer of security when you are not on the premises or able to closely monitor these areas. Access is usually granted to only staff with a certain code, biometric, or keycard.

Restaurant Fire Alarm Systems

Fires are a risk many restaurants face due to the nature of work and equipment. Protect your restaurant from fire-related disasters by implementing a fire alarm system that can detect and alert you to fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide in your establishment. Fire alarms are able to sufficiently warn restaurant employees and patrons to evacuate the premises for their safety as well as alert authorities before significant damage or injury can occur.

Monitoring Systems

All of Mesa Alarm’s restaurant security systems come with 24-hour central station monitoring. In the event your alarm system is triggered, professional operators are available to dispatch the proper authorities to your restaurant. This can be helpful in loss prevention and reducing damage to your business with a faster response time. In the event that an emergency occurs during operating hours, discreet panic buttons can also alert security monitoring teams to contact authorities. The added support from a monitoring system brings greater security and greater peace of mind to you and your employees.

Security with Mesa Alarm Systems

Mesa Alarm Systems is committed to providing Houston homes and businesses quality service and comprehensive security solutions. We custom tailor security systems to your restaurant and its unique security needs and goals. Mesa offers state-of-the-art alarm systems, camera systems, fire alarm systems, and business access control systems. We also have a highly skilled and trained security monitoring team that can support your restaurant security system.

Our commercial alarm systems provide seemingly endless options for customization. Burglar alarm systems, access control systems, and fire alarm systems can all be controlled by the same panel, saving you time and money. Each of our hybrid control panels is adaptable to hardware and wireless devices, and is capable of controlling over 550 zones with capacity for expansion. For building access control, we offer card readers, biometric readers, and keypads that can be installed at entrances, exits, and other rooms you see fit.

Our team of security technicians work with you to establish the perfect security camera placement for your restaurant to align with your unique security goals. We offer a variety of security cameras including IP cameras, outdoor cameras, and license plate cameras. Most of our camera systems also have night vision, high-resolution megapixel technology, and mass data storage.

Mesa Alarm Systems adheres to Houston’s city fire codes and provides state of the art alarms to protect your business, employees, and assets. Our comprehensive line of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors are equipped with fire horns and strobe lights—for the deaf or hearing-impaired—as well as waterflow and tamper switches, which regulate overhead sprinkler systems. We can also implement sensors that monitor the temperature and function of equipment such as fridges, water pumps, cooling systems, and more.

All of the security systems offered by Mesa Alarm Systems are seamlessly integrated with each other or other existing systems to provide comprehensive protection and security for your Houston home or business. Your safety and security is our number one priority, and that’s why we are proud to provide customer service that supports you every step of the way. We are available to install, monitor, repair, and maintain your restaurant security system to ensure that your business retains a high level of security and safety. Request an appointment today to take a step towards protecting your restaurant, employees, and customers.