What Do Burglars Look For in a House?

We have listed the top 10 items burglars take & share tips on how to better secure these highly coveted items. Close to 50% of criminals take items from your home while you’re still in the house! In order to protect your home, it’s best to think like a criminal. Now you’re probably wondering, what do burglars take? You don’t have to because we’ve done it for you. 70% of burglarized homes will experience a loss between $0 to $1000. This is due to the fact that burglars take the easiest things they can grab. Keep reading to find out what burglars look for in a house.


Statistics on the items stolen during burglaries: 33% Electronic devices, 21% Jewelry, Clothes, 29% Handbags, Wallets, 4% Guns & 3% Other items

1. Electronics

Burglar stealing a TV from a home

Electronics possess a lot of value. Cell phones, laptops, game consoles, and tablets are small enough for them to take. 


2. Jewelry

A burglar stealing a pearl necklace, a watch and other jewelry from a home

Jewelry is small and highly valuable. Two things that burglars look for in items they want to take. Do not keep your jewelry in a fancy jewelry box on your vanity. That will be the first place a burglar will look for when it comes to jewelry. Instead, think of clever ways to stash away your jewelry. 


3. Clothes

If burglars have targeted your home, they believe you’re wealthy. They will also conclude that you have designer clothing worth thousands of dollars hanging in your closet. If you do, it’s best to lock your closet. Install locks on your doors if none are in place already. 


4. Forms of Identification

It will be easier for burglars to continue to rob you if they have any forms of your identification. When it comes to buying things they will need personal information from you, they will have all they need. Keep all personal documents in a bulletproof safe. There is nothing more taxing than getting your identity stolen, as it can take a long time to prove that it has happened to you. 


5. Cash

Burglar stealing cash from a safe

Burglars love cash because it’s untraceable and easy to transport. If you are keeping cash in a safe, (which we don’t recommend by the way) you should mark the bills in order to prove the money the burglar has is yours. You can mark the bills by writing down the serial numbers or creating an excel sheet with the numbers of the bills. If the burglar spends the money, you can find his or her trail by tracking the bills. 


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6. Guns

Burglars are more often than not, connected to the black market so it is easy for them to sell weapons for a lot of cash. It’s best to keep your guns in a gun safe or personal safe. 


7. Alcohol

Alcohol can be valuable depending on the year it was made and if it’s still sealed. Burglars know that too. Keep your bottles locked up and avoid displaying them as this will make them look more attractive. 


8. Medication

Prescription medication is highly trafficked, which makes it a valuable item in the black market. Anything from Xanax to cough medicine is up for grabs. If you have prescription medicine, don’t keep it in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. That will be the first place they look. Add something else in there that no one would think to find. It will throw them off. 


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9. The Treasures in Your Trash

Your trash is another man’s treasure. If you’re constantly getting pre-approved for credit cards don’t just throw them away, shred them instead. Burglars know about this and will dig around to see what they can get in your name.


10. Your Car

Burglars believe wealthy people have multiple cars so even if you are not home, they will look in the garage to see if you left a car there. Add a steering wheel lock to your car that will prevent the steering wheel from turning making it difficult enough for the burglar to avoid attempting to take your vehicle. 


Protect Your Property

Now that you know what burglars look for in a house, keep in mind that the best way to prevent a burglary is to have eyes on your property. 87% of cases go unsolved by police. Install security cameras and alarm systems to discourage burglars from trespassing and to have evidence in case your home does become burglarized. Burglars don’t want to go through the trouble and will move on to a home that doesn’t have surveillance. Don’t be that house. 

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