Security Monitoring Systems for Churches

While churches and religious institutions are often safe spaces for individuals to worship in, taking necessary precautions is always necessary to prevent any danger from taking place at any given time. In fact, it is quite common for religious institutions to undergo theft, crime, and threats against their place of worship. Because church buildings are usually closed or uninhabited for numerous hours or days, they are often viewed as attractive crime targets. Security monitoring systems for churches are a necessary investment that can protect your place of worship and your congregation and valuable assets. 


Installing a security system comes with many benefits, including the security and safety of your place of worship. Benefits range from the following:

  • Prevent Theft and Vandalism

    A security monitoring system can help spot an intruder or prevent a crime from occurring, limiting significant property damage or theft. 

Camera systems are one way churches can keep their property safe.

  • Surveillance and Safety

     Security cameras both indoors and outdoors can monitor areas of concern, providing safety for the members of your congregation. 

  • Protect Church Property

    In many instances, religious institutions have valuable assets such as AV equipment and other valuable art and precious metals. However, a security system can discourage intruders and limit the risk of a potential break-in. 

  • Alert Authorities

    If your church security system detects a problem, it can automatically enable the monitoring stations to dispatch authorities. Panic buttons can be installed in church offices to provide immediate summoning of police and fire response.

The Best Security Monitoring Systems for Churches

The security surveillance system you should get for your place of worship really depends on the size of your congregation. Larger buildings with more church members will likely require a more extensive security system with added features, but you can narrow down exactly what you need by getting familiar with the following:

Access control systems can help control who gets into a church.

  • Access Control

    Access control systems serve as added security for areas in your building such as perimeter doors, private offices, storage rooms, IT rooms, etc. These systems also eliminate the need to change keys and locks and secure your church by connecting to a remotely located central monitoring station. As a result, access to the building can be quickly granted or denied and anyone attempting unauthorized access can be instantly identified and reported to the system. 


  • Surveillance Camera Systems

     Not only do security cameras limit the risk of a potential break in, but they can also be good for providing evidence in the event of a crime. Placing security cameras in strategic locations—such as entrances, parking lots, and recreation areas—can make it easier to monitor everything within your church. Video surveillance cameras that connect to the internet can be monitored from anywhere. These systems can provide a wealth of knowledge of what is happening on the church grounds both while you are there and when the church is closed. 

  • Professional Monitoring Services

    Professional security services are available and on-call 24/7 to oversee your burglar alarms, access control, fire alarms, surveillance, and other essential security systems. Once an alarm is triggered, the monitoring staff will immediately call the local officials as well as the customer numbers on file.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Integrate a fire alarm into your security system to reduce the cost of two independent systems and the associated recurring costs. These alarm systems can detect the earliest stages of a fire and sound an alarm the moment smoke is detected. With 24/7 monitoring, expert personnel will notify the authorities and contact you if an alarm is triggered. 

Keep Your Church Safe and Secured with Mesa Alarm Systems!

These are just some of the systems recommended to ensure extra safety in your place of worship. Mesa Alarm Systems offers a variety of state-of-the-art systems to limit your risk and protect your religious institution. In addition, Mesa will also sit down with you to hear about your areas of concern and customize and design a system that is tailored made for you and your needs! We also monitor your location from a local monitoring station designed to respond immediately to any alarm event. We have over 31 years of experience developing specially designed burglar, fire, access control, and camera/video surveillance systems. Stay protected with Mesa Alarm Systems! Visit our website for more information on the services we offer.

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