Best Security Alarm Features for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you’re naturally going to be concerned about the security of your home and the people inside it. But not all security systems are created equal, and with the constant advances in home security, it’s important to do your research before selecting your provider. These days, alarm systems serve more purpose than simply sounding an alarm when you don’t punch your code in fast enough. The average home invasion results in roughly $2,000 in stolen goods, but an effective home security system can prevent this kind of loss. Keep reading to learn more about the diverse uses for residential security and the best security alarm features for homeowners.

how does a security system work

What is a Security System & How Does it Work?

Plainly put, a security system is defined as the method used to secure something through a system of components and devices. The typical home security system has components that include a control panel, door and window sensors, motion sensors, wired or wireless security cameras, audible alarms, and yard signs or window stickers.

Whether you have a wireless or wired system, they work by securing the home’s entry points with sensors that sound accordingly depending on how you set the control panel. Doors and windows (particularly those on the ground floor) will be fitted with sensors, and large open spaces inside the home might be secured with motion sensors.


Security Alarm Features & Uses

Security systems have many different features. When installing a system, it’s important to take a detailed look at your home, family, and budget so you can accurately determine the best alarm system features to suit your lifestyle.

  • Control Panel
    • The control panel is the device that allows you to arm and disarm your security systems. It is also what sounds the alarm when it’s triggered. This is a standard for all alarm systems.
  • Entrypoint Sensors
    • Entrypoint sensors are what causes the control panel to beep when doors and windows are opened or closed. This can be a great way to alert you if your children come home past curfew or an unsolicited visitor enters your home. If you’ve set your control panel, the entrypoint sensors will also trigger your alarm to blare and alert your monitoring service that there has been an intruder.
  • Surveillance Cameras
    • Surveillance cameras are a great feature to install in your home. They allow you to keep an eye on your home and loved ones, even when you aren’t there. Whether you want visual assurance that your children made it home from school or need to keep an eye on your house while you travel, security cameras allow you peace of mind. They also have been proven to decrease the local crime rate significantly. Criminals tend to avoid neighborhoods and homes that they know have surveillance.
  • Motion Sensors
    • Motion sensors can greatly improve and enhance your home security. This is because burglars and other criminals tend to target properties when property owners are either sleeping or away from the residence. But having motion-sensor activated lights can give the illusion that someone is awake inside. These lights can also potentially wake the neighbors, who might in turn alert the authorities.
  • Yard Signs
    • Yard signs are an old-school but effective way to tell passersby and potential burglars that your home is protected! When you get a security system installed, the company will typically provide you with a yard sign or window sticker to install at your discretion.
  • Mobile Access, Control, and Monitoring
    • The digital age has brought countless security developments in recent years, but mobile capabilities are certainly the most noteworthy. Now, homeowners can have complete control over their security system through a mobile app on their cell phone or mobile device. This app arms and disarms your alarm system for a maintenance worker or authorized visitor, checks your camera to see if a package has arrived, or ensures that your kids set the alarm correctly when they leave for school. Mobile access is extremely convenient.
    • When it comes to custom security systems, the mobile capabilities are seemingly endless. Your security alarm can also send notifications to your phone. It can signal when alarms or chimes go off, notify you when your kids get home from school, or even tell you when the liquor cabinet is being opened. You can also manage how your system communicates with cellular and computer networks, Wi-FIi, and phone lines.
    • Through the mobile app on your phone, you will also be able to control exterior locks, thermostats, and lights.
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
    • One of the most beneficial features you can have for your home security system is 24/7 professional monitoring. While other features work effectively to dissuade burglars from targeting your home, a monitored system will provide you with peace of mind knowing your home is safe at all times. Should your home be invaded, the professional team will alert the authorities for an emergency response.
  • Fire Protection for the Home
    • Fires happen when you least expect it, so it’s important to make sure that your security provider has options for fire alarms that alert the proper authorities. Not only can this aid in early fire and smoke detection, but it also gives you time to get your loved ones out.
  • Flood Sensors
    • Flood sensors are essential, regardless of where you live. And while someone is living in an area prone to flooding or heavy rainfall, there are other non-environmental ways that your home can become flooded. Maybe the dishwasher overflows or your child leaves the bathtub running unattended. Either way, flood sensors can alert you and the authorities so you can act fast.
  • Smart Home & Virtual Assistant AI Compatibility
    • Devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home are fantastic additions to any household, and your security device can work alongside them to achieve ultimate control of your home.


With customizable security systems, you can pick and choose what features you want based on the needs of your family and your home. For example, if you live in a one-story house, all windows should have sensors. But this may not be necessary if you have a two-story home. In that same vein, families with children may want to have individual codes for each occupant so that they can monitor exactly when their children enter the house. Conversely, a couple living alone might only want one code.

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