Security Systems for Commercial Properties

If you are the business or property owner of commercial buildings, odds are you’re very concerned with security. And because commercial properties house a wide range of businesses, stores, and restaurants, it’s essential that you have a comprehensive system in place so that your building remains secure. That goes a lot further than hiring a guard to stand at the door. A good security system is essential, not just to protect against physical crime threats, but also cybercriminals, fires, and other dangers. In the world of security systems, there are so many features that can be beneficial to a commercial property, so educate yourself on what will work best for you. Keep reading to learn about security systems for commercial properties

real-time video surveillance system not only allows you to quickly identify the perpetrators, but it also acts as a deterrent.

Most Essential Security Components

When looking for a security system to invest in, you need to do your due diligence to have a full understanding of what needs your business has. We’ve compiled a list of the most common and beneficial security systems you can install to protect your business:

Video Surveillance System  

    • Commercial buildings are prime targets for break-ins and vandalism. A real-time video surveillance system not only allows you to quickly identify the perpetrators, but it also acts as a deterrent. Seasoned and novice criminals alike are all likely to move onto another target once they realize a building has security cameras. 

Fire Alarms 

    • Fire alarms are an essential safety feature for commercial and residential buildings. Sometimes the source of a fire is arson, but it could just as easily be the product of a faulty wire or candle left burning. Whatever the source, this not only protects the building but also your tenants and employees. 

Access Control 

    • If you are a small business or operate multi-tenant commercial buildings, access control is a great way to regulate who can gain entry to your property. It’s also a great way to monitor employees as they come and go. 

Mobile Monitoring and Control 

    • Having the ability to monitor and control the security systems of your business when you’re away is an amazing asset of the digital age. Not only does it give you access to your camera systems, but it also allows you to give remote access to authorized people at your discretion. If one of your employees forgot something essential, a mobile app allows you to manage the alarm and electric locks without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  

Monitored Alarm Systems 

    • Some security systems are made to be professionally monitored by monitoring centers. And while almost all systems can be set up to alert personnel if they are triggered, it may offer you peace of mind to know that you have someone looking out for your business. 

Security Glass 

    • Security glass is any glass that has been laminated or heat-tempered to prevent it from sharding when it breaks. Both tempered and laminated glass are great for adding safety. However, laminated is better than tempered because it can withstand blows from bullets, hammers, crowbars, and more; the only benefit of tempered glass is that it breaks into cubes instead of shards, making it less likely that people will be injured if it breaks. 

physical presence of security guards can really make all the difference

Benefits of Property Management

While utilizing security systems is your best method for deterring theft, crime, and vandalism, putting property management in place is another important step to take. Motion detectors, security cameras, and alarm systems are all great for commercial security, but the physical presence of property management or business security guards can really make all the difference.

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